WHITMAN (CBS) – A 16-year-old student at a Whitman high school has been arrested for a Facebook threat to blow up the school.

The Patriot Ledger said the girl admitted to police that she posted this threat:

“Umm … deffff bombing the school. In newbedford (expletive) killing myselfff,” the teen posted to her Facebook page.

The student, who attends Compass Alternative High School, claimed she didn’t mean anything by it. She was arrested on Friday.

Police said that Facebook is now replacing bathroom walls as a place for teenagers to make threats, real or otherwise.

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  1. emom says:

    You know I hate to say it, BUT any student that resorts to hurting others by blowing up the school, is seriously ill, SORRY, But a teenager that feels the need to hurt others needs help.. I dont understand the concept of it,,, Oh I understand those that are bullied some may go as far as hurting those that will not help… But still something needs to be done with our teens today…. Schools need to have a SAFE HAVEN for those that feel they are in trouble.. I am sickened By these events, it has happened numerous times at my kids school, and in all grades, some are just not thinking of the end results of their threats, some are just in so much pain and anger that all they see is hurting others as they have been hurt… I did know someone that did this and ALL I could say was what possesed this teen… this kids answer , friends…. WHY are we not seeing a trend , a serious issues every year in which so many teens feel they must fake a call and threaten so many and state they will blow up a school,,.,,
    We have read many times were the teens or younger kids state I was only kidding, I didnt mean it…. But here we are again another child making such a statement in an era of terroism… with the constant threat of retaliation at any time… I wonder do these kids understand the true out come with such a threat,,,,,,,,, I hope this student recieves the help she needs and that it was just that a joke, BUt the end results will follow her for life….I am glad nothing happened nor that anyone was hurt… But still making such a threat can not go unpunished…… I feel between parents and the schools, we need to truely reach the children and enforce with them that making a threat false or not will not be taken lightly. This is a teachable moment,

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