An Update from the National Weather Service in Taunton

Isolated to Scattered Strong to Severe Thunderstorms are likely Monday Afternoon and Evening across the entire NWS Taunton County Warning Area. Damaging Winds, Large Hail, and urban/poor drainage flooding are the primary threats..
..Storm Prediction Center and NWS Taunton are in agreement on a Slight Risk for Severe Weather Covering the entire region with a threat timeframe between 1 and 8 PM Monday..
An upper level low pressure system and associated cold front or trough will move through Southern New England during the time of max heating on Monday Afternoon and Evening. While there could be some mid and high level clouds to start the day, these are expected to move offshore and allow for heating and destablization across much of the region. Wind shear profiles will not be as strong as some of the prior event this summer and are a bit marginal but combined with the expected instability and cooling temperatures aloft, isolated to scattered strong to severe thunderstorms are likely across much of the NWS Taunton County Warning Area Monday afternoon and evening with damaging winds, large hail and urban/poor drainage flooding as the main threats. SPC and NWS Taunton are in agreement on a Slight Risk for severe weather across the entire NWS Taunton County Warning Area with a threat timeframe between 1-8 PM Monday.

Estimated timing:

1-4 PM SW NH and NW MA

 3-5 PM Worcester to Hartford

5-8 PM Boston, Providence, South Shore

Comments (4)
  1. andrea says:

    not what the other stations said about storms.

  2. Italo says:

    My take on it is that in summertime, we should just always be on the alert for the possibility of t-storms especially in afternoons and evenings–and ALL such storms inherently carry the risk of being dangerous regarding winds, flash flooding, and lightning. When the mets over-predict these events in advance, they usually don’t pan out as much, and if they say or predict nothing, then pop-up storms seem to turn severe on a moment’s notice. The NWS is too busy inventing more and more different types of over-compartmentalized watches and warnings that should be more consolidated, i.e., sounding like High Heat, Excessive Warmth, Hot Wind, Dangerous Mugginess, and Intolerable Humidity watches and warnings…geez. And they won’t issue an actual watch until the very last second once people’s homes are starting already to get whacked.

  3. JimmyJames says:

    THunderstorm Index at a 2 tomorrow.

  4. David Whitney says:

    Dear Joe:

    i was interested to hear you talking this afternoon about how much rain they were getting out in Prescott, Mass., near the Quabbin Reservoir. They probably didn’t report much rain because Prescott has not been a town since the late 1930’s when it was one of four towns flooded to become part of Quabbin Reservoir. The other three towns were Dana, Enfield, and Greenwich. The next time you have a drink of water you might remember where it comes from. I enjoy your work and am glad that you moved over from NECN.

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