Ya want to know what burns my tush……even more than a flame about three feet off the floor?    Our government….from top to bottom…..from Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill…..from the White House to the Out House…our government is one gigantic embarrassment.    And this..by the way….is coming from a guy who believes we have the best governmental system in the entire world….but right now, it’s too embarrassing for words.

     When Senate President Harry (the Nevada fraud) Reid is huggin’ ands squeezin’ with the likes of Nancy (California crackpot) Pelosi, it’s pretty clear we are heading for the New Delhi dumper.   And when House Speaker John Boener looks to appease the ultra conservative Tea Partiers and suck up to ultra liberal/socialist Barack Obama at the same time, playing golf no less,  that too makes it abundantly clear……..we’re counting on a guy who couldn’t organize a one-car funeral!!!!

     So to whom do we turn?  I honestly don’t know, but wouldn’t you think one, or a handful of those braintrusts Americans sent to Congress would put an end to this fiasco because make no doubt about it, the John Adams and Thomas Jeffersons of our world are positively rolling over in their respective graves right now.   The Congressional leadership on both sides of the aisle doesn’t have the stones to fight for what’s right…. and the man hovering over it all, (BHO) doesn’t have a clue…..period!

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  1. roudydowdy says:

    Gary. don’t say period at the end of your opinion column because it sounds like you are not interested in hearing any other opinion and only yours matters.

    1. garywbz says:

      Hey Roudydowdy……Just a quick fyi…..I am interested in hearing another opinion, but when it comes to B.H.O…..my opinion is he doesn’t have a clue and nothing you can say will change my opinion….PERIOD!
      Great to hear from you again…..Honest……

  2. Ashley says:

    Why does Boehner cry all the time? To me, It appears he has an ethics breakdown sometimes even at a press conference. FYI : If you’re crying, you may not be making the right decision.

    If the Dems are going to reluctantly agree to cut programs that fund local neighborhoods with mentors, advocates, and early education, (WHICH THEY NEVER WOULD SAY YES TO), why cant the REPUBS agree to raising their AGAIN it seems like one side is a bit more willing to look at the big picture and say “we have to do this”, than the other.

    Should the republicans not pay? or should variable rates soar up again and push more people in bankruptcy and have the middle class take the BURDEN AGAIN by ruining their credit?

    what seems like an the ethical choice to you? i’m a libra, all about balancing of scales.. i dont see a balance here and our economic status reflects that FULLY.. i’m very scared.

  3. Ashley says:

    hmm for somereason some of the colum was cut off… ***after their i wrote “taxes 3%?????”

  4. petem says:

    If you really think we have the best gov’t in the world and are interested in what’s best, why resort to the childish name calling. It’s not helpful, it doesn’t gain anything for anyone; it really just makes people who seem to have a 7th grade level funny bone laugh.
    You are clearly upset with both side in this debate, but you place more of the blame on the D side. Understandable if you’re a R, but if you’re earnest in your desire to resolve things, why go with Rush’s playbook? The president does have a clue; you know it and as do I. He is unfortunately too interested in compromise and consensus, when he should be, if you view things by political norms, kicking some R a**, over the ridiculous demands they’re making.

  5. Ashley says:

    !!!!!! i love you pete!!!

    1. petem says:

      Right back a ‘ya!

  6. Bob says:

    Gary, in my opinion you hit a homerun with your comments….and what really burns me is that those arrogant big mouths are slapping each other on the back congratulating themselves on a great job done…..DISGUSTING… anybody else for TERM LIMITS????

  7. JohnC says:

    We should declare war on England immediatly. One second after declaring war we should surrender, with the only condition that we still drive on the right. Winston Churchill was correct: “Democracy as practiced in the United States will ultimately fail, because human beings, when given a choice, will always take the easy way out.”

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