By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV Sports

FOXBORO (CBS) – It’s day 3 at Patriots training camp and today was supposed to be the day Albert Haynesworth practiced and talked to the media.

Well, so far the early word is that is not going to happen. Practice started, and no Albert in sight. Haynesworth, when he gets out here will wear number 92.

Chad Ochocinco is here. He talked to the media and to a surprise to everyone, he was very soft spoken. He gave tons of respect to his former team, the Cincinnati Bengals and their coaching staff but he called this opportunity a dream come true.

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He mentioned that his style here will change and the Chad that people have seen in the past is not going to surface here. He also said he’s not going to spend much time talking to the media. He did, however, give members of the media a group hug before he left on Saturday.

On the number 85, he said Aaron Hernandez gave it to him as a welcome gift. We asked him, did he give anything in return. “He can use my Prius on the weekends and I still have a bunch of McDonald coupons, I don’t eat at McDonalds anymore,” Chad responded.

Aaron was brief and said a player like that deserves to get his number. Hernandez took number 81 from rookie Jeremy Ross. Ross is now 82.

The fact that Hernandez is out here practicing means he must be off the PUP list.

In signing news, Kevin Faulk is officially back with the team.

Logan Mankins has signed his franchise tender and he is officially back.

Plus Sammy Morris is now signed and cornerback Kyle Arrington has agreed to a 2-year deal.

The Patriots re-signed veteran Brandon McGowan and Tracy White Saturday afternoon.

They released Anthony Leonard.

Comments (3)
  1. alan says:

    In this associated picture, Bill Belichick is saying, “I CAN’T thank the lord…… I AM the almighty”!!!!!!

  2. pats fan in ny says:

    hope they fine haynesworth(less) at a rate that is equivalent so when/if he decides to honor his contract the pats owe him NOTHING. why sign a narcissist? do hope that somewhere a door hits him on the butt (on the way in or out is of no concern to me). his track record is well known. i’m still not happy about signing chad.

  3. Patrice says:

    hey pats fan in ny
    In Bill we trust. You can hold onto your negative opinion. I will give Haynesworth the benefit of the doubt and am thrilled they sign Chad O. Let the season play out then you can change your mind.

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