By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Tech giant Apple currently has $76.2 billion in cash and marketable securities fattening up its bottom line as of the end of last month. That’s comfortably above the $73.8 billion cash balance held in the US Treasury right now.

If Apple’s doing so well financially, some people are asking what would happen if Apple leaders ran the American government?

Well for starters, the country might stand a better shot of taking in more money than we spend.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

As a nation, we’d be trendier. Apple’s products are hip, innovative, cutting edge — not adjectives typically used for the federal government.

Apple is known for on tremendous customer service, offered by knowledgeable and friendly employees. The same can’t necessarily be said for government agencies like the IRS.

Apple prides itself on transparency – literal transparency in the case of its glass-walled stores. That’s a quality in short supply in the nation’s capital and among our leaders.

And it goes without saying that the Congress could use one of Apple’s famous Genius Bars

Management consultant and business expert Peter Cohan says a Steve Jobs-ian dictatorship, where there was no room or need for compromise, might seem a little strange, but has the potential to be productive.

“You just can’t seem to get anything done that you want to get done when you’re president,” Cohan argues. “You’d think it was the most powerful job in the world, but in fact, being CEO of Apple is a lot more powerful.”

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  1. Sharon says:

    I think the bigger question is not what would happen to us but what would happen to the poiticians. Enough is ENOUGH. Why do we keep having to lose out or dole out for our retirement, etc. after working our butts off for the majority of our life. Wow, th politicians have to, supposedly use their minds to come up with solutions. BUT, after so many years paying attention, MY thoughts are they are actually coming up with solutions for the only benefit of themselves.

    When they retire, what are there retirments plans, ie, how much of a check, WHAT WILL THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE BE LIKE, will they have to pay anything as copayments.

    Sorry, I have just gotten SOOOOOOO fed up.

    Thank you for listening

  2. emom says:

    I wonder how many of these politicians,, ever went to college,,, how many truely have a degree in the POSITION they hold,,, or for that matter the FIELD they are in…… How did they get the job,,, How many sit at their desks watching CNN, placing bets with on line poker, going to lunch with 10 of their co-workers and ordering apple tinis,,,,,,,,, having surf and turf for lunch,,, Bet their suits are worth more than $200 and their hair cuts are $150 ,, they have more supper functions, and heads of states dinners, more than are truly needed,, GET IN THE DARN BOARD ROOM AND GET TO WORK…… WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,,,,,,,,,,,,,, PAY YOUR SALARY TO FULLFILL A JOB THAT IS TO BENIFIT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. ,,,,,, TO SECURE THE FELL BEING OF OUR FUTURE, TO MAINTAIN A SENSE OF FLUIDITY, TO BALANCE ALL BILLS AND TO BE SURE WE GET EXACTLY WHAT WE PAY FOR….. Instead you spend our hard earned money , raise our taxes, take services away , bankrupt a state (california),Hire your friends, and have endless parties, then when the troubles mount and you are stressed you resort to taking a break hoping it will help you think,, HOWEVER its for your own selfishness to enjoy OUR MONEY, take your family on a luxury vacation ,,,,, have servants to wait on you and your family, never sacraficing to ease the troubles we have,, instead rack up bills that now are in need to be paid so your ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL,,,,, AAAHHH SORRY PRES THIS IS NOT HOW YOU BALANCE THE CHECKBOOK,,, any family that does that will be broke and end up with loosing their home due to lack of paying their bills,,, I be wiling to BUY your house for a mere, $1000.00 THATS ONE THOUSAND,,, BECAUSE THATS ALL ITS GOING TO BE WORTH AFTER YOU KISS THIS COUNTRY GOOD BY…. oH AND THE OVAL OFFICE ,,,WELL LIT WILL MAKE FOR A VERY NICE HOTTUB FOR ME AND ABOUT A HUNDRED FRIENDS…I think you need to get up and do the right thing and stop the BLEEDING OF AMERICA,,, because the wounds are so deep , they are starting to get infected and become gang green and OOZING all over your HANDS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OH AND YOU CAN PASS THIS TO HIM caus ehe needs to hear the AMERCIAN PUBLIC ON HOW MUCH THEY FEAR THEIR FUTURES… this country saddens me and I fear for our future………………………………….

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