BOSTON (CBS) – Soldiers assigned to the 883rd Medical Company returned home on Friday after serving a year in Iraq.

Family and friends were on hand to welcome them home when they arrived at Logan airport.

Video of the Reunion:

The group is part of the Army Reserve unit that specializes in Front Line Psychological Counseling and Combat Stress support.

They’re based out of Boston and also serve as post-mobilization support.

That work includes helping soldiers deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder issues.

  1. karen s says:

    welcome home ladies & gentlemen! thanks for your service and sacrifice, as well as that of your families. as a colleague working in health care, i salute your care for our troops in the field. as someone who helped friends of the vietnam era get help for their ptsd, i know firsthand how valuable your tour of duty was in the field, and as time goes forward.

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