Before talking to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, Felger and Massarotti quickly discussed a purported Twitter commitment given by Chad Johnson to a follower that he is going to be joining the Patriots in Foxboro. Both brushed it aside before Jim Murray could say Jiminy Cricket.

Felger and Mazz moved on to Steinberg, a writer for the Washington Post who published a piece on Albert Haynesworth today, amidst concrete rumors that Haynesworth has been traded to the Patriots for a 2013 5th round draft pick. The biggest demerit during Haynesworth’s two years with the Washington Redskins according to Steinberg was his inexplicably poor conditioning coming into training camps and throughout the season. Felger asked Steinberg to shed some light on that issue. Steinberg indicated that Coach Mike Shanahan expected all players to pass a conditioning test in order to participate in team activities during training camp, something Haynesworth failed time after time. Steinberg went on to say that the one time when Haynesworth seemed poised to actually pass the test, he took an extra long bathroom break which nullified his opportunity to take the test.

Felger then asked Steinberg to discuss Haynesworth incessant complaints about playing in a 3-4 scheme, rather an a 4-3. Steinberg pointed out that the team booted former Skins coach Jim Zorn to bring in Mike Shanahan to appease Haynesworth, only to have Haynesworth to continue to gripe last year. Steinberg’s conclusion: Haynesworth is a tough cookie. Mazz brought up Haynesworth’s tainted off-the-field resume and Steinberg brought up all the horrible things that Haynesworth has done, including fondling a black waitress’s breast and refusing to pay for his child’s preschool tuition.

Felger further asked Steinberg if Haynesworth was the worst person he had covered during his tenure in D.C. Steinberg did not want to give a definitive yes, but did bring up Gilbert Arenas as another candidate for that dubious distinction. Steinberg just said that the 2010-2011 season was marred by the Albert Haynesworth saga and the Redskins organization is ready to move on without him.

Does Steinberg think Haynesworth can turn it around in New England? Does this move by the Patriots have a shot to catch lightning in a bottle?

Tune in to Felger and Mazz to hear this discussion and more as the duo continue to speculate about the Albert Haynesworth possible trade to the Patriots.


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