By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

WILBRAHAM (CBS) – Tuesdays storms in Western Massachusetts hit areas that were spared by last month’s tornadoes.

Wilbraham homeowner Dave Kenny says he just knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid Mother Nature’s path twice.

“This is for all the people that didn’t get it on the first one, I guess,” says Kenny.

Kenny’s home wasn’t affected by last month’s tornadoes which destroyed a number of homes.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

Police Chief Allen Stratton says this area is less than a half mile away from where the funnel cloud touched down, “the path was very similar a little bit more north of the path of the storm of June 1st but it actually it prepared people to know what to do and take cover.”

Not Kenny and his family, his wife and kids were too scared to run into their basement, “they were afraid the house was going to fall on top of them.”

He says nothing could have prepared him for this.

Cleaning up the branches and leaves is easy enough, paying for all the damage it caused not so easy.

“Part of the house is shifted, the sun room, part of the ceiling collapsed in one of the rooms from the second floor.”

The price tag to repair it all? In the $100,000 dollars range says Kenny. And he isn’t alone there are damaged boats and cars.

Still the National Weather Service says this wasn’t a tornado, instead a microburst.

Definitely not what Karen Donohue predicted as she huddled in her basement yesterday with her kids, “it certainly looks like a tornado to us a little stronger than severe winds.”


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