BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts officials are drafting emergency plans to keep paying the state’s bills if the stalemate over the nation’s borrowing limit drags past an Aug. 2 deadline — including looking into whether the state treasurer could dip into rainy day funds.

Massachusetts should be in relatively good fiscal shape in the short term.

The state is slated to receive about $850 million in federal reimbursements in August, much of it for Medicaid payments.

State Treasurer Steven Grossman said the state has enough available cash to make up the difference.

The situation could worsen in September, with about $1 billion in local aid payments scheduled to go out to cities and towns.

Grossman said his office is investigating whether he could temporarily draw from the state’s rainy day fund without legislative approval to cover any shortfall.

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  1. roadbowler says:

    If making the fiscally responsible decisions will cost them their re-elections then we citizens are the ones with the problem.

    With that being said, the Democrats and Republicans should take a cue from ‘Thelma and Lousie’. They should join hands and both ‘drive off a cliff’, politically speaking of course. They should unite to put a deficit reduction bill together that will solve our country’s financial problems. Make the cuts that need to be made. Increase revenue across the board, not just focusing on one group of citizens.

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