As Felger and Massarotti wrapped up the second hour of Tuesday’s show they were joined by Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports to discuss the return of the NFL and how this unprecedented and abbreviated free agency period will impact both the New England Patriots, and the landscape of the league as a whole.

The conversation with Jason opened with one of the day’s hot topics, the Patriots defense, and its lack of elite playmakers or a reputable pass-rusher. Jason and the guys agree that the Pats have gotten away from the balance that was responsible for much of their success in the past, and that its clear the Patriots biggest needs are on the defensive side of the ball. That being said, what can the Pats do to fill this void? Should they have drafted a pass-rusher instead of fortifying their roster at other positions? Are there any suitable free agents that could potentially meet the Pats needs, or are elite blitzers simply a rare commodity on the free agent market?

In addition to offering his thoughts on the Patriots prospects in free agency, Jason also chimed in on the resigning of Logan Mankins, and the status of many other notable players on the move during this shortened offseason. With that in mind, it appears there are many questions that will be answered in the near future. Will Logan Mankins be able to leverage his way to a long term deal? Will the Jets be able to resign Santonio Holmes? How does Braylon Edwards factor into the Holmes discussion? Where will Nnamdi Asomugha land? And have the Cincinnatti Bengals driven the suck so far into Carson Palmer that we have seen the last of him in an NFL uniform?

For answers to these questions and more, and to find out why Jason picked the New England Patriots as his pre-season favorite to win the Super Bowl, tune in and listen to the full interview right now!


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