MANSFIELD (CBS) – A 19-year-old from Westwood was seriously injured in a beating Sunday at the Tim McGraw concert at the Comcast Center.

Witnesses said Michael J. Skehill was beaten by 2-4 people.

Skehill allegedly was punched in the ribs several times and then kicked in the head during the attack. He says all he remembers was talking to a girl, and then being beaten.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports

A security guard intervened, possibly just in time. Skehill was transported by medflight to a local hospital where he was listed in serious condition.

“If anybody saw this we would really like them to come forward and give us whatever information they could because this is a serious crime, this young man easily could of died,” said Mansfield Police Chief Arthur O’Neill. “In fact maybe if it wasn’t for the skills of the on-scene contract medical provider down there and the skills of the helicopter crew and so on, he probably would have died.”

O’Neill said Skehill is recovering at a local hospital. The assailants face charges of assault, and possibly attempted murder.

The teen went to the concert with friends, but they were not with him at the time of the attack.

Anyone with information is asked to call Mansfield police at 508-261-7300.

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  1. emom says:

    If that is a photo of that night , I am not surprised a fight may have started,… They are packed in there like s ardines.. I remeber being their many times and there was plenty of standing room and or sitting room on the green… people use to bring blankets.. thats over crowed….. anything for the almighty BUCK. Glad I do not go there……

  2. Willow says:

    I would like to know what instigated the fight. The beaten man probably bumped into someone who already has a chip on their shoulder, and before you know it you have a group beating you half to death. People are already walking around angry and it doesn’t take much to get them to blow. This is true among too many people. All you have to do is take a drive to find out how angry everyone seems to be. I hope this young man survives, and makes a complete recovery.

    1. Italo says:

      Willow makes a good point. More and more people are walking and driving around angry and ready to haul off on someone for anything. It’s a bigger issue than just what this poor guy experienced that night. I hope he turns out to be ok, too.

  3. Steve says:

    The really surprises me being a Tim McGraw concert. Country shows are usually much more mellow of a crowd. Although, Buffett used to be that way too until people started going only for the party and not being there for the music. If you want to party and get smashed, do it somewhere else. Stop ruining it for the people who want to be there and enjoy themselves and the music. I hope this guys pulls through and get well. Hopefully he’ll be able to give the police some information that will lead to some arrests.

  4. Mark says:

    Alcohol served there? That’s all I need to know!

  5. KB says:

    this surprises me.. i was at Comcast friday night for the Mayhem Festival.. not one fight at that concert.. but Tim McGraw? really?

    1. hornet says:

      thats right i was there friday also no fights

    2. John says:

      trust me, i am an employee of Comcast center, there were fights at mayhem. Plus this was not a fight, a friend of mine was right there and he said that there was more like 10-15 kids and they took turns kicking him in the head for a pretty long time. My prayers go out towards the kid as well, I hope for a good recovery.

      1. Willow says:

        John, is your friend able to identify any of the people who did this?

  6. helen says:

    I’m also very surprised that it happened at a Tim concert.Its always the few that think its a big party and get undercontrol.They not only ruin it for themselves but for everyone else.I don’t know if they were drinking but I think alot of the time that is the couse.If it was drink at home and stop ruining everyone elses good time.Think how the performers feel.They r there for a ggod time.Especially someone like Time who hates violence at his shows.Grow Up people.

  7. westwoodwolverines says:

    get well soon, mike. everyone in westwood is praying for you.

  8. Fred says:

    Not that this kid (or anyone for that matter) deserves what happened, but it goes to show you…

    In another article, it mentions that the victim was misidentified as a 23 year old soldier stationed in Texas because of THE ID THAT WAS FOUND IN HIS POCKET… I wonder why he was carrying a 23 year old’s ID when he’s 19!?!

    Just some harmless underage drinking I guess! I do wish the kid a quick recovery and hope he takes something away from this.

  9. Cinque says:

    How can witnesses say that it was “2 to 4 people” who beat him? If they witnessed it the couldn’t they see if it was 2 or 4? It also says that a security guard broke it up but then why didn’t he collar the cowards who ganged up on one kid? Could it be that he was “talking” to someone else’s girlfriend and words were exchanged? There is a lot missing in this story to say the least.

  10. Patrice says:

    Why do people stand around and watch a beating take place and not intervene? Nobody steps in and stops the insanity. All it takes is one person to ask those around them to please help stop a fight and together a bunch of people can make all the difference in the world. It’s a very scary world when there are so many onlookers to an assault and nobody helps. This world is full of disconnected people and it’s a sad statement about society today. HELP YOUR FELLOW MAN.

  11. Angela says:


    To pack in so many people in that stadium, is a disgrace to Comcast. I can see lots of civil law suits, the family of the victim, can bring against the town of Mansfield and Comcast, for the lack of proper surveillance and security for the crowds. I hope this young man Michael makes a complete recovery and returns to his studies in Washington, D.C. This young man has a whole future ahead of him unlike the cowards and losers that attacked him from behind. They should be prosecuted for attempted murder, of a teenager and not given a slap in the wrist that will probably happen. This young man comes from a very respectful family from the town of Westwood and was on a 4 year athletic scholarship, to a renowned Univ. in D.C.
    These 6 losers did not deserve to sit on the same lawn, as this fine young intelligent student, that was getting ready to return to his studies in D.C.
    Get well Michael! We are all rooting for you, down here in Mansfield.

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