NORTHBRIDGE (CBS) – A dream of family vacations turned into a nightmare for a Northbridge family. A company promised them great rates on hotels, plane tickets and more, but all they got was a painful financial lesson.

“They’re professionals, they talk to you about how many kids you have, what’s your family life, and they’re professionals,” says Mary Slaney of Northbridge.

That’s how, over the years, investigators say a company currently calling itself Travel Deals, has allegedly conned hundreds of families out of millions.

It happened to the Slaneys this winter.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

“You get this in the mail,” says Slaney, holding up a card. “They tell you you have to sit through a 90 minute reception.”

The family did something like that before, and it was great, so they tried again. Only with Travel Deals, it was the hard sell with a promise of being part of a vacation club that would entitle them to tons of savings.

They just made it appealing to you,” she says.  “I’m not embarrassed, I’m more angry.”

Angry at the company, because it only took a few days to realize they’d been had – to the tune of nearly $8,000.

But angry, too, at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office, who the family says,  didn’t take their claim seriously.

Luckily, other officials in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New Jersey, where the company is based, have been after Travel Deals for a while. The owner, Daryl Turner, was arrested last week.

The company however is still in business.

Mary Slaney’s advice to anyone who gets one of these cards in the mail?

“Throw it away.”

Comments (4)
  1. jaygee says:

    Not for anything but wouldn’t you think that in the year 2011, most people would know that you can’t get something for nothing. You can’t win a lottery that you never entered, you can’t inherit $10 million from a relative you don’t have and you can’t take a week’s vacation for a $100 bucks. If it sounds too good to be true then ignore it and that goes for timeshares, vacation clubs & work at home scams that are just that.

    1. Taken! says:

      Only WAY 2 Go Travel!
      You must work for them. I also was taken for $5,643.00. It was after my mother passed away and my husband and I recevied a call. We were in need of a vacation, so we also went to the appointment and they are very good at what they do. They are like sharks. We were taken! I also filed a complaint with the attorney general and have not gotten anywhere with them. They company just closes and goes under another name.CEO Charles “Bob” Caliri will be seeing me in court!

  2. frustrated in Mass says:

    The intent of this story is to bring out awareness,No negative coments are need,It a was a very professional scam going on for years, it was not all about the free cruise and flights, it was about the travel package they offered, Anyone that saw or read the story or knows someone who was scammed please go to the Facebook page Travel Deals scam in MA I just spoke to the AG’s office, Every other State is activly involved, lets get on Mass, to also get them involved.

  3. kelly says:

    This is definitely a fine tuned scam with all angles covered. My husband and I were scammed in March by TravelDeals in Windsor CT. We signed up AND did the research on the company within the 3 day window for cancellation. We are now in the process of making others aware of this company as well as filing complaints with local police, MA atty gen and CT atty gen….

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