BOSTON (CBS) – If you like mangoes and nectarines, Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo has the perfect new fruit for you.

The mango-nectarine is a relatively new hybrid fruit, which has only existed for a few years, and the Fresh Grocer has a few tips on how to find the freshest one.

There’s only a small window of availability for the mango-nectarine–about two to three weeks.  Look for one that is more yellow than green.  The skin should be nice and tight, free from any shriveling.

Watch: The Fresh Grocer

Store mango-nectarines on your counter for three to four days if you buy them ripe.  Refrigerating them will slow the ripening process, but the fruit is best enjoyed at room temperature.

The fruit primarily has the flavor of a mango, but most closely resembles a nectarine.

You can watch Tony weekdays at noon on WBZ-TV.


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