WEST BOYLSTON (CBS) – A man jumped off a bridge to his death in West Boylston after a police chase early Monday morning.

Roger Leo, 64, stopped his vehicle over an I-190 bridge moments after the police pursuit at around 12:30 a.m. Leo got out of his car and ran about 130 feet before jumping over the Quinapoxet Bridge between Exits 4 and 5 southbound. He then fell 47 feet to his death onto a rocky embankment.

State Trooper Matthew Moran, who was leading the pursuit, ran down the embankment to provide medical aid but saw the man was already dead.

State police said the pursuit began in Sterling around midnight on Route 140. Leo, who was wanted in connection with a break-in and assault in Princeton, initially refused to pull over.

State and local police are investigating.

Comments (4)
  1. roadbowler says:

    I’m not sure ANYONE has ever survived a jump off that bridge….he was either suicidal or he didnt know the area…

    1. Boston Jarred says:

      Thats actually pretty surprising.
      47 ft is not a very high when it comes to a jump.
      Many people I know used to jump 100 ft quarries all the time when they were kids.
      I’m guessing guessing it’s the way he landed, just like that guy who died last week trying to catch a baseball and fell out of the stands.
      He fell 20 feet…not high at all.

      1. roadbowler says:

        he fell 47 feet to a rocky embankment…there’s very little water below that bridge to break your fall….just a small stream down there…the worcester telegram has a pic from below the bridge on their home page right now

  2. Boston Jarred says:

    I saw the pic.
    There were probably other factors….like the mans age, the way he landed, etc.
    I’m just surprised because I’m used to seeing people take bigger falls and surviving (water or not).

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