MIDDLEBORO (CBS) – A motor home towing a car was involved in a crash on Route 495 northbound in Middleboro on Sunday.

One person was hurt in the crash, which occurred just south of Exit 3. That person was transported to a Boston area hospital by medflight, causing all lanes to be temporarily closed.

See: Traffic Info

State police officials said the left lane would remain closed for “an unspecified amount of time” while crews work to remove the vehicle.

Motorists should expect delays in the area.

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  1. M.B. says:

    It took 7 hours to get home from the Cape because of this accident, traffic was stopped for a while then it would go. Bumper to bumper. Then you had this one lady in her nasty green, Ford escape and she wouldn’t let people pass her. She was making it hard for people to drive safe as she would swirl back and forth because if she wasn’t going anywhere no one else was. About 8 miles she did this and it was pure stupidity and there was no number to call the state police to report an un-safe driver. We have pictures of her doing it. No one was going any where any ways, she didn’t need to be a jerk. People needed to go to the bathroom an so on. Lord knows I had 4 kids in the car that had to hold it for 3 or 4 hours until we pulled over and opened the doors. The poor kids. But heck she was a jerk.
    When we got to the sceen it looked like more cars had been involved, they could have handled it a lot better than they did, making the traffic flow a lot better. I guess. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

    1. Buzz says:

      There were also a ton of losers deciding they would illegally and dangerously use the breakdown lane as a travel lane simply because they were better than everyone else. Who the h3LL do they think they are? If somebody were to actually have broken down then they’d have no place to pull over because of these losers. Then a state police car came up behind everyone and couldnt even get to the accident scene because of the dirtbags in the breakdown lane. He should have gotten out and smacked each one in the face with his billy club. These dirtbags have no right to move ahead of everyone else who’s been waiting already, once they get up a mile ahead of us then they want to pull back into the lane which makes everyone wait even longer. When there’s a huge traffic jam WAIT YOUR TURN!

  2. M.B. says:

    I was one trying to get over to take the next exit off the highway. The person who was blocking the road blocked us from the exit even the breakdown lane so the kids couldn’t go…we saw the state police come up the highway in the breakdown lane, they chased the cars off into the grass, they had no issue doing that and getting by. If those people choose to drive the breakdown lane then they choose to take a ticket as well.
    Most people were waiting their turns, there was nothing that could be done. But you and I know that we all go in and out a car or 2 just to try to get a little closer to the end. But hope it is done in a safe way, and need to respect others. Some people didn’t and that was the sad thing about yesterday.

    1. Buzz says:

      Using the breakdown lane to get ahead of others is anything but respectful of others. The breakdown lane is for breakdowns. And when the ambulance tried to get through it couldnt because of the self centered jerks filling up the breakdown lane. Thats anything but safe. And people who “choose” to use the breakdown lane are choosing to get ahead of others in line. Did they ask everyone’s permission ? And the cops didnt write out tickets because the priority was to get to the scene, not give tickets to a long line of violators. I wouldnt say they had no issue with it, and how do you chase cars onto the grass when they’re up against a guard rail? They jump over? They can choose a ticket all they want, but dont choose to cheat your way to the front at the expense of others who are doing the right thing.

  3. M.B. says:

    Oh My. You must have been up closer than I because when the state police went by, they chased people off to the grass. No gaurd rails near them. Didn’t see the ambulance at all so that must have happened before hand. People did have to use the break down lane to stop and get out, cars over heated, kids needed to go to the bathroom(so did adults), animals needed stops as well. Sometimes it’s ok to drive in the break down lane(when posted) and sometimes it’s not. But who gives people the right to stop people from getting off exits and off to the side of the road? if they need to stop, then they need to stop, it must be for good reason’s that is why it is there. If an emergency vehicle see’s a car in the break down lane it would have to go find a way to go around it. Driving cars have to find a way to move, so be it if they have to move back into the lane and before other cars, people do this all the time on the high way. But other drivers can not stop people from driving the way they want to. Respect or not, that is not for you and I to decide. All I was saying is that it was wrong for that person to drive almost causing just as much harm as the accident did. She didn’t care if she was going to cause more accidents to the people behind her or not, but wouldn’t even let them off at the exits or anything else. Thats real respect to others. Trying to cause harm when not needed.

  4. Buzz says:

    Its hard to tell which side you’re on – the side of the breakdown lane drivers or the ones against it. People who drive in breakdown lanes are the ones causing trouble for others, not the other way around. And you’re right, the breakdown lane is there for a reason – for breakdowns, not for people who think they will just cheat their way to the front, then weasle their way back into the travel lane, which causes an even longer delay for the people already waiting. You just DONT do it. I also felt sorry for the kids who had to wait to go to the bathroom and yes the breakdown lanes for stopping for that kind of thing is acceptable. And the people in driving in the breakdown lane ARE the ones preventing cars in the travel lane from getting off at an exit. Emergency vehicles should not have to come to a complete stop because of illegal drivers. Driving school 101. The traffic was gridlock, bumper to bumper, so how would cars in the breakdown lane get out of the way for emergency vehicles? They cant, nowhere to go with a guardrail in the way. What right do they have to do this? None. They are not better than anyone, and I rode the white line to stop them from moving up and I got a lot of thumbs-up from other drivers who were following the rules. The cheaters dont have the right to decide they will get in front of others who are being patient. Another thing here – the police did a horrible job of moving the traffic through, thats part of their job.

  5. M.B. says:

    I think it was wrong that people stopped other cars from getting off at the exit or being able to get over safely to the break down lane. I had 4 kids & a dog that needed to get out, they were hurting real bad. As I said, we were stopped from getting off an exit, how is that cheating anyone? How is pulling over to the side of the road for relief cheating? Rules are rules, we all know that, but blocking people wasn’t a safe thing to do. The person who blocked near us, who I reported today for reckless driving, drove to harm as far as I’m concerned. A lot of the cars that I saw trying to go a head had children or elderly in them. Wow! They could have had good reasons for driving there. Who’s side am I on? I’m on the side that supported my family and if I had to pull over in that break down lane, then so be it. And I did, as did many others.

    1. Buzz says:

      I think you’re a little confused about just what it is we’re talking about because you have conflicting comments. DRIVING in the breakdown lane is wrong. My comments were pretty clear but maybe I can make it easier:
      Driving/Travelling in the breakdown lane: WRONG
      Stopping in the breakdown lane due to a breakdown or having to relieve yourself during gridlock: OK (after that gotta get back into the travel lane)
      Being blocked from getting off at an exit: BAD (this is what breakdown lane drivers do to the rest of us)
      Trying to get off at an exit from the travel lane: OK
      Nobody said trying to use an exit is cheating. Neither is pulling over to let your kids take a wizz off to the side, or let the little ones get out and stretch their legs. All that is normal, temporary use of the breakdown lane. The point you’re missing is, how would you be able to do any of that with a constant flow of cheating drivers using that very lane you want to stop in? As for that reckless driver – somebody crawling along in gridlock at about 2 MPH is reckless driving just because they wont let the cheaters though? More like a public service. Driving in the breakdown lane is what’s wreckless – Drivers’ Ed 101.

  6. Jacklyn Veiga says:

    My husband and I were on our way back from the Cape. That accident was horrible. I wonder how many prayed for the people who were in that motorhome.. I know I did.

  7. M.B. says:

    I’m not confused at all and well aware. We got back in that lane of traffic(had to jump one car a head) and watched people almost hit each other due to cars trying not to let each other over. It’s wrong to block one another either way you look at it and you know that. You have grid lock of 4 or more cars trying to get in, around or what ever. And 1 car, swirling around blocking all, causing more harm than needed. It’s not safe no matter what speed your going at. People know the risks of driving in the b-lane and yes, they shouldn’t do it at a time like that, but who are we? we are not the police and can not control them. People who needed to stop weren’t able to because people thought they were being cheated. That was wrong. Shoot it was all wrong, we all needed to get home safely and by blocking one another was not the right thing to do. IT WAS WRONG, B-LANE or NOT. BLOCKING ON THE HIGH WAY IS NOT A SAFE THING TO DO. IT CAUSES ACCIDENTS!!!! This is my last post to this, hope you never have to ride the white line again. It is not a safe thing to do. I would never give you a thumbs up for it and I am in shock that people did. I know they were giving the car that I saw the wrong finger and calling out bad words. All we could think about, was the poor people in the accident and how bad it must have been. Then when we drove by it and saw the trailer. OMG it was awful! No I’m not confused….
    Have a good day.

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