WALTHAM (CBS) – Organizers of the three-day Susan G. Komen Walk For The Cure are making some changes due to the dangerous weather.

On Friday, the first day of the event, eight people were transported to the hospital.

They were treated for dehydration and heat related conditions.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

Organizers bumped up the start of Saturday’s walk to 6 a.m. because of the heat.

The dedicated walkers slept outside Friday night.

There are 1,700 people participating in the three-day 60- mile walk which benefits breast cancer research.

Comments (4)
  1. TN says:

    Here is something extreme dumb from an club organizers. It’s 100 degree but the walk must go on? in the pictures most of them are retired senior, when it come to dumb yep no one can’t beat it.

    1. Team Udderly Fabulous says:

      TN, I was there, I was a walker and you would be amazed at how well the organizers took care of us. The pictures you see are only a fraction of the type of people walking. There were people of all shapes, sizes, and age. I am a 33 year old woman in excellent shape and I walked on Friday. I listened to their warnings and advice; kept up the fluids, took breaks in the shade, etc. Some people didn’t listen and this is what happened to them. Yes it was hot and exhausting, but in our hearts we were all there pushing for a better cause, for a cure. The Susan G. Komen Crew and Safety Team were BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL! Don’t judge until you are the one out there walking or supporting.

  2. p says:

    A Charity Search Engine cent for Central Falls, RI .

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