By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Considering how dysfunctional Congress is, can we declare a vote of no confidence, dissolve the body and start over?  – Bon, Sandwich

Republicans won’t raise taxes, and Democrats won’t cut spending and what do you get? 

You tell me.  How do you feel about what’s going on in Washington right now about the debt ceiling, spending and taxing?

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  1. Cathy says:

    If congress refused to get a deal done and the government can’t pay its bills after Aug 2 does that mean nor pay checks for the congress ?

  2. jerry says:

    Congress is nothing but a bunch of idiots running our country . As much debt they put the american people in by giving billions after billions away to every criminal country just about like iraq, palistine , syria ,just to name a few paying blood money to them . Our congress is our worst enemy , i say get rid of and fire every person in the govt and start new .

  3. emom says:

    they are willing to take away money for those that need it, Unemployment, dissability, Social Security,, veterans, finacial aid,, BUT they are in no way going to take away their salaries, pensions, give up anything they receive from those that pay money into this country… FIRST of all,, are they going to forclose on the house of representatives, the white house,, the washington monument, lincoln memorial, repocess all their vehicles, cancel their credit cards, cut out their 6 month vacations, 3 or more months of sick time…. lay off their secretaries, WELL WILL THEY,,,,, If they do in deed cut of all the aid to the american public,, are they ready for a huge title wave of forclosures, unemployed folks, homeless people, uninsured, hungry, dying…. WELL ARE THEY ,,,,,, I DO HOPE TO GOD THEY DO NOT ALL THIS TO HAPPEN BECAUSE THE TITLE WAVE OF DESPARE WILL BE OVERWHELMING ; FOLKS WILL HAVE LOST ALL THE FAITH THEY HAVE LEFT AND DEMAND THAT ALL BE FIRED,, FOR ALLOWING THE COUNTRY TO BE PUT INTO THE POSITION OF BANKRUPCIES….i HOPE THEY CAN HANDLE ALL THESE ISSUES, INSTEAD OF BEING SELFISH THEY SHOULD TRULY THINK ABOUT THOSE THAT WILL TRULY SUFFER AT THEIR HANDS…….. GOD PLEASE HELP US FROM TOTAL FINACIAL DESTRUCTION,,,,, WE NEED IT

  4. cynic says:

    Why not just dump them? Why do we have to replace them? Will the new ones be any better than the old? Why not a law that all sixth graders must serve one month in Congress to be eligable for Middle School.? The couldn’t do any worse than the meatballs we have in there now.

  5. Richard Daniel says:

    We do not believe that America has a Congress that is capable of functioning. We do not believe that America has representatives capable of laying aside their entrenched partisanship in favor of the common good.
    We believe in spirited debate and we believe in taking a determined stand, but in the face of the intractable issues of the day, we believe it is more important than ever for our legislature to find some common ground. Immigration, abortion, national defense, national economy, race. These topics tear us apart every day, but we still eat at a common table, drink at the public house and work together, because we have no other practical choice.
    The 112th Congress cannot conceive nor can they understand that political problems are not irreconcilable, national emergencies. They cannot imagine that setting aside political differences to address economic realities is a measure of political courage that they are ethically obligated to embrace, even in the face of reactionary pressure from the blogosphere.
    We can expect the President to make a full throated defense of his agenda, but our Congress cannot summon within themselves the courage to find any common ground even with the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.
    So, it is with this thought that we proclaim, as a nation, a vote of no confidence in the sitting Congress, with the hope that the next election will bring with it representatives who will put the needs of, their nation, their districts, and their constitutes ahead of crass political theater.

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