BOSTON (CBS)  – Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson are still seeking compensation from the NFL, holding up the proposed end to the league’s lockout according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports.

“Mankins and Jackson are still asking for $10 million each and this is slowing the process, the source explained,” writes Freeman. “And just to be clear: Mankins and Jackson are not themselves asking for the money. Lawyers representing them are.”

The Patriots guard and his agent have remained silent since a report came out earlier in the week that he and Jackson requested monetary compensation or free agency in 2011. Both players were franchised by their respective teams before the lockout was put in place in March.

Mankins has not been eligible for free agency since being drafted in 2005.

NFL Lockout: Owners Meet To Discuss, Possibly Vote, On New Deal

The Chargers Jackson tweeted the other day that he has made no demands and wants to play football.

The two sat out the beginning of the 2010 season seeking a long-term deal. That never happened, and both were named plaintiffs in the Tom Brady v. The NFL lawsuit.

Until their issue is resolved, the lockout will continue.

“My guess: tomorrow, after more criticism, the two men will drop their requests and the CBA will be agreed to by the players and owners,” writes Freeman.


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