BOSTON (CBS) – Clothes are a large line item in a family’s budget.

If you have kids it seems you are always buying clothes. Babies need a new wardrobe every couple of months. A newborn weighing in at 6 pounds will soon double her weight and need all new clothes.

With kids hand me downs are great, unless you are the kid. In many instances the clothes are not worn very much. Church clothes, first communion dresses, party clothes, boy’s blazers and dress up shoes.

These items can be found real cheap at consignment chops, church rummage sales, yard sales and the Goodwill or Salvation Army stores as well as on line at Craig’s List and eBay.

If you want new for the little ones try the outlet stores, discount stores, or shop the sales at the department stores.

It is not practical to buy kids’ clothes or shoes for next year. I know the sales are great on summer clothes right now, but they could fool you and not grow very much or grow two sizes by next summer.

Grown up clothes are easier in that hopefully we don’t change size year to year. If you are looking for that special outfit for a wedding or the wedding gown I would suggest that you look for deals on line.

I found good deals on Craig’s list and better ones on e-Bay for wedding gowns. Some were used, only worn once!

When you are online with your favorite retailer check their overstock department. While on Land’s End website I found girl’s summer clothing for 70% off.

TJ Maxx or Marshall’s are great places to get good deals. They are liquidators that handle excess inventory. They are now all over the country and hands down my favorite place to shop especially for my granddaughter. They have tutus very reasonably priced and when she was a flower girl this summer I got her dress for under $30. I couldn’t make it for that.

The outlet stores are great place to shop, but according to Consumers magazine, not all merchandise is created equal. If you go the Gap or the Banana Republic outlet stores you will be buying merchandise made specifically for the outlet stores. If you want the best deal on Gap merchandise check the sales in the regular stores. They also offer 10% off on the first Tuesday of the month. A slow day at the mall.

If you are a regular shopper at the outlet stores consider joining their Shopper/VIP Club. You will have access to coupons, discounts and special deals. Check their websites (, as well for special coupons and sales.

Try for name brand clothing cheap.

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  1. Jane says:

    If you’re into second hand stuff, Savers is a great place… especially for kids clothes…some stuff still has the tags on!

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