BARNSTABLE (CBS) – Gina Clark has been ordered held on $25,000 cash bail following a hearing at Barnstable Superior Court.

Clark is the founder and president of the now defunct Touched by Angels, a charity first exposed by the I-Team for fraud and later indicted after an investigation by the Attorney General.

Clark was most recently arrested on July 13th for allegedly stealing clothes from a Kohl’s department store in Plymouth.

In March, Clark was charged with 15 counts of larceny embezzlement over $250, fraud and wage violations.

People donated thousands to help the families whose loved ones had died or were ill but those families say they saw very little in return and accuse Gina Clark of profiting from their pain.

Comments (4)
  1. B says:

    Hopefully she spends alot of time in prison. I applaud channel 4 and fox 25 for exposing this story and following through.

  2. jaygee says:

    This is one more case of very good work by the media, WBZ in particular, of exposing criminal behavior. We see too many people exhibiting callous greed where enough is never enough. The rich do it, politicians do it and in this case, Clark saw a good thing and turned it into one that would only benefit her and her family. I only hope that the punishment fits the crime.

  3. Lori says:

    There is hardly room in the jails/prisons, that while the nature of this womans’ crime is terrible, we should not send her to prison. I say save the jails for the violent offenders. Give her a high dose of community service at a hospital or hospice while wearing a dunce cap (or something similar) that states what a jerk she truly is… along with probation.

  4. Isis says:

    I wish that we still had a public stock, were Ms. Clark could be shackled all day in the public square. That way, people could walk by Gina Clark and throw eggs at her face. The crimes that Gina Clark has engaged in are horrible. Truly, not only did Gina Clark steal charitable contributions from needy families, she did it with deliberate purpose and malice. And Gina stole from the NonProfit she set up, so that Gina did not pay any income taxes on her financial windfall. I hope Ms. Clark’s parents are proud of her, what a low class thief she is.

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