BOSTON (CBS) – With the passing of Mrya Kraft, Patriots players past and present are coming out to give their condolences and praise of Mrs. Kraft.

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick said this in a release:

“On behalf of the entire Patriots football operation, we mourn the passing of Myra Kraft.  As much support as her quiet but unmistakable presence provided us in the competitive arena and as much as I personally will miss her warm embraces before and after each game, Myra shined brightest in a much broader arena.  In the humanitarian arena, her generosity through philanthropy was admired and appreciated by all.  She made a permanent impression on hundreds of coaches, players, staff and our families as a model of grace, strength and giving.  Myra’s vision and example will impact and remain very much with our team forever.”

Patriots tackle Matt Light on Mrs. Kraft:

“She wasn’t someone we saw like Robert and Jonathan, but her impact was felt many other ways. Just the things that she did in that community, and what it did for guys on the team. It really drove me to do a lot, to give back and find my little niche; to be a part of that community. I’ll tell you she was an incredible person, she really was and my heart goes out to him.”

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Former Patriot Donte Stallworth had kind words of Mrs. Kraft on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak:

“Mrs. Kraft, she made you want to do charitable things. She headed so many organizations and groups and she was so involved. Anyone like that is always an inspiration, especially to someone like myself. Someone that you can look up to and to see that they really care about the community and want to give back and try to make this world a better place one person at a time. She was the culmination of that; that was her all the way.”

Patriots Hall Of Famer Andrew Tippett recalled Mrs. Kraft’s kindness:

“She rolled up her sleeves. She walked the walk and she talked the talk. If you needed her to be somewhere, she was there. She was never the last one to walk into a room, she was the first. She led by example. A lot of people around the New England area are going to miss her because it wasn’t just the Patriots she touched. She had her hands in a lot of things because she cared.”

Former Patriot Ty Law said Kraft made him feel at ease when she was around:

“She was so passionate and so sweet to all of us there. She kind of treated us like we were extended family; all of us were like her sons… She was just an overall good person. For someone to have so much and be able to give without hesitation it tells you about her personality, her character.”

Former Patriot running back Heath Evans tweeted some kind words of Mrya.!/HeathEvans/status/93677233394286593

Seattle Seahawks safety Lawyer Milloy, who was drafted by the Patriots in 1996, said Myra Kraft was “a gr8 example of how a woman stands beside, not behind, a man of power!”

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  1. alan says:

    Where is Brady and his support? Even if it’s through multi-media!!!!

  2. Acergefug says:

    zzzz defragging takes AGEESSS.. i’l try the method now tho<< Pear| M!|K TeA~ >>

  3. Andre says:

    Alan: Chill – Brady came to the funeral today. Not everyone tweets.

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