By Ken MacLeod

QUINCY (CBS) – Police say a child’s toy is at the center of a fight between two young men and several construction workers in Quincy.

The incident happened in the Falls apartment complex where dozens of construction workers have been seen daily since a fire broke out several weeks ago.

It began harmlessly enough when two 19-year-olds bought Nerf guns at a nearby Walmart. Things took a turn just a short time later when police said one of the teens, Colin Hayes, drove his car past a pickup truck with construction workers and opened fire on them with the foam dart gun.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

“The operator of that vehicle fired two rounds into a truck with five construction workers in it, striking the operator of that truck in the face,” said Quincy Police Sgt. Robert Bina.

The ticked-off construction workers gave chase, and a brief fracas ensued, during which police said Hayes backed up over one worker’s leg, splintering the bone.

But in his haste to get away, Hayes then inadvertently drove his Nissan off a 12-foot stone wall, caving in the front end.

“I’m not sure just in the melee of the confrontation whether they were scared or just trying to flee the scene,” said Bina.

Neither teen was badly hurt in the wreck, but Hayes was charged with assault and battery, and operating recklessly.

It’s hard to believe the whole thing started out over Nerf guns.

“It’s something that probably started out as fun and games and it turned into something serious and unfortunately somebody got seriously injured,” said Bina.

One resident of the complex told WBZ-TV they could hear the injured worker’s screams after his leg was broken.

The assault and battery charges also stem from Hayes using his vehicle as a weapon. The other teen was not charged.

Comments (16)
  1. alan says:

    A 19 yr old playing stupidly with a “child’s toy” by shooting it out of a vehicle.
    This is another example of parents NOT teaching common sense!

  2. WBMike says:

    I still believe that corporal punishment or forced manual labor are the only good punishments and deterrants. But, I guess stupid people will be stupid no matter what the penalty is in most cases. :/ Sad.

    At least they destroyed their car – hoepfully not the parents car..

  3. emom says:

    You know I would expect something like this with nerf guns from much younger KIDS, you know under the age of 8. Being stupid and not thinking … BUT 19 year old full of themselves arrogant young men… with a pea size brain,,,, really now How juvenile of them… BUT at least they were not real guns…. And Thank god the construction work will be ok , after some time on disability , And as for the duffis take his license away , what and idiot,, Have to wonder was booze involved,,, To much violent video games maybe.. WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING ANY WAY…………never mind they didn’t think…..

    1. Cammie says:

      There was no booze involved. Don’t make comments out of ignorance. Oh, unless the construction workers were tying one on, which may explain why they found it necessary to chase, corner and threaten the teens after a harmless prank. Who was more juvenile?

      1. emom says:

        A man was seriously hurt in all of it,, not the kids,.,,, I only mentioned the possibility of booze.. thats not being ignorant,,, gee, The kids started it by being completely stupid… harmless or not a construction worker was still hurt…

  4. Buddy says:

    Sounds to me like the construction workers were going to reconstruct the two teenagers? Maybe they should have been carrying real guns to protect theselves from those thugs.

  5. Cammie says:

    The kids panicked. Its obvious. Five construction workers chasing, cornering and threatening two teens. Nerf or not. Not a fair fight.

    1. David says:

      Not a fair fight? Would you change your mind if the construction workers were 20 years old or are you thinking because they are construction workers, they are much older? These stupid punks are 19 years old, legal adults. Hayes and his buddy are lucky that the cops got to them before the workers did, the outcome could have been much different. Perhaps they should have the snot beat out of them, all in the name of self defence.

      1. cammie says:

        You’re suggesting its okay for 5 construction workers to beat up two teenagers with nerf guns? David, you’re a sad person.

      2. David says:

        Actually if was 4 because one of the workers was down with a shattered leg that the driver ran over. Don’t use the word “teenager” to literal. From the image of his mug shot, I would say he is about six feet one at about 210 pounds. A punk/criminal in the making.

  6. Your Boss says:

    rah rah comment… rah rah my opinion… rah rah get back to work, you bums!

  7. cammie says:

    Don’t believe everything you read/see in the news. You read an artilce like this, and draw all kinds of faulty conclusions….and spew sweeping indictments, name-call, malicioulsy slander…all anonymously. How convenient. So, you know by a mug shot everything about someone? Aren’t u special. And clairvoyant too. You know how the person was brought up, you know every detail of the incident. Get a life.

  8. mjd36 says:

    As hard as it may be for everyone to believe, Colin is a great kid. Had the honor of graduationg with him and playing football and rugby with him. Embraced contact sports but not someone who is a thug. Played like he had a chip on his shoulder. Off the field, he’s a funny guy, very friendly. I’m sure it was a little fun gone way beyond anyones imagination…I mean I am sure you all did something when you were 18-19, a little prank you thought was harmless…sure not this poor outcome, but some act similar in nature. Knowing Colin I am sure that running over the dudes leg was an accident. Being cornered by 4-5 guys would make me nervous and try to back away too. I’m sure running over the leg was an accident and putting his car over the edge was him being even more nervous and scared. For all the people they let go free that do worse things, he doesn’t deserve jail….as for David’s comment, Colin is actually about 5’7 175, not a 6’1 210 bohemoth you suggest…so before anyone makes any rash, stupid assumptions and statements, why don’t you get to know the kid. Because anyone who knows him knows that he ain’t no thug or true harm to society.

  9. THE KID says:


  10. THE KID says:


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