Nerf Gun Attack Leads To Crash In Quincy

QUINCY (CBS) – Police say a child’s toy is at the center of a fight between two young men and several construction workers in Quincy.

The incident happened in the Falls apartment complex where dozens of construction workers have been seen daily since a fire broke out several weeks ago.

It began harmlessly enough when two 19-year-olds bought Nerf guns at a nearby Walmart. Things took a turn just a short time later when police said one of the teens, Colin Hayes, drove his car past a pickup truck with construction workers and opened fire on them with the foam dart gun.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

“The operator of that vehicle fired two rounds into a truck with five construction workers in it, striking the operator of that truck in the face,” said Quincy Police Sgt. Robert Bina.

The ticked-off construction workers gave chase, and a brief fracas ensued, during which police said Hayes backed up over one worker’s leg, splintering the bone.

But in his haste to get away, Hayes then inadvertently drove his Nissan off a 12-foot stone wall, caving in the front end.

“I’m not sure just in the melee of the confrontation whether they were scared or just trying to flee the scene,” said Bina.

Neither teen was badly hurt in the wreck, but Hayes was charged with assault and battery, and operating recklessly.

It’s hard to believe the whole thing started out over Nerf guns.

“It’s something that probably started out as fun and games and it turned into something serious and unfortunately somebody got seriously injured,” said Bina.

One resident of the complex told WBZ-TV they could hear the injured worker’s screams after his leg was broken.

The assault and battery charges also stem from Hayes using his vehicle as a weapon. The other teen was not charged.

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