Donte’ Stallworth joined Gresh & Zo today to discuss the passing of Myra Kraft, what it was like to be a member of the 2007 Patriots receiving group, and the changes in his life since he left New England.

The guys talked about Stallworth’s time in New England and ask him about that 2007 Patriots team. How important was it to have guys that could 4 different things on offense?

“Every guy that we had on that offense their specialty was something different,” said Stallworth.

They also talked about the changes he has gone through from 2007 to now.

“I think physically I still feel the same. These past few years the only good thing about not playing is that i haven’t had the wear and tear as the rest of my colleges have. Hopefully that has insured me a couple of extra years playing in this game,” Stallworth answered.

They also discussed Randy Moss and the criticism he received his last season where people said the game had passed him by. Does Stallworth agree?

The guys also looked ahead to his coming free agency once the lockout ends. Would he ever consider returning to New England if the opportunity presented itself?

“Yeah, I would definitely be open to it. Obviously I think I was able to build a great rapport with Tom while I was there and learned a lot from the whole organization. I had an awesome time there nothing but great things to say about the organization and the fans they were awesome. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had playing in this game,” said Stallworth.

That and much more with Donte’ Stallworth.


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