Today, Felger treated the masses with his version of The Who hit “Behind Blue Eyes.” If this radio thing doesn’t work out, singing may be his back up plan.


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  1. Craig says:

    This is great! People love to hate Felger, but it’s only because they really love him deep down and don’t have the guts to admit it!
    Sing it Felgah!

  2. Craig says:

    I will have to disagree on the best drummer though, that’s gotta be Neil Peart of Rush, it’s just gotta be.

  3. bobby field says:

    i am a singer song writer i am writing a song for your stsation who should i send it to? Bobby Field felger keep up the great work i listen to you every day

  4. chuck stewart from wemouth says:

    hey mike,listen to you almost daily and the one complaint i have is you cut off people to soon.We listen and spend a long time on hold waiting to get on the air and you cut us off in less than a minute.Other sports talk shows let people talk for a couple mins to make their point. How bout you guys? I dont expect you to address my point but i felt i had to let you know how a lot of us feel.thanks mike.

  5. joyceannn says:

    id like to know where the hell i can get a bumpersticker yeah the sportshub

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