BOSTON (CBS) – There are a few obstacles that remain in ending the NFL lockout, and as it turns out Patriots guard Logan Mankins may be one of them.

According to Yahoo Sports, the agents for Mankins and Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson  have asked that their clients become unrestricted free agents or receive $10 million when the lockout comes to an end. Both players sat out the beginning of the 2010 season hoping to get a long-term deal. Both were franchised by their respective teams before the lockout.

“They’re asking for something they believe, and I think most people would believe, is fair compensation for what they’ve had to go through,” an NFL Players Association source told Yahoo Sports. “My guess would be that the owners or the league will pay them.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting Mankins and his agent have not yet asked for financial compensation. It sounds more like he wants to become a free agent more than money.

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Striking a deal with Mankins and Jackson would be part of the Brady v. The NFL lawsuit. It is believed the league would rather pay the two than allow them to remove the franchise designation, since Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was also franchised.

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The lockout is expected to end soon, with the framework of a deal all but in place. Players will be presented to vote on the deal on Wednesday, with the owners getting their turn on Thursday.

The lockout could be over as early as Friday, according to multiple reports.

Comments (4)
  1. sloopjohnB2 says:

    Mankins is acting like a baby. His franchise tag is 10 million. Not enough. Get rid of him. What we don’t need is a BIG malcontent! They’ll find someone else who WANTS to play here.

  2. Luis Enrique Mercado Valenzuela says:

    mankins out the patriots need love for the team

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