By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV's New Hampshire Bureau Chief

DURHAM, N.H. (CBS) –  An Oyster River School Board member is embroiled in controversy over a Twitter account in which he takes aim at President Obama and Michelle Obama. He also makes numerous comments about the physical appearance of female political leaders and targets Muslims and gay marriage.

Jim Kach describes his old Twitter account in terms of a nightclub act. He admits his “jokes” about female political leaders and the president may not have gone over well.

“I was trying to be funny. It was snarky humor. And I apologize to anyone who was offended,” he told WBZ.

Ruth Sample doesn’t find the tweets funny at all.

WBZ-TV’s New Hampshire Bureau Chief Lauren Leamanczyk reports

She’s a parent who read through all one thousand of Kach’s tweets. Sample is especially upset about his comments toward women.

“He focuses a lot on women’s appearance and he likes to call them names if he doesn’t like what he sees,” she said.

Tweet after tweet mocks the physical appearance of female leaders like Michelle Obama. One says, “Queen Obooty (who has no official duties) has an entourage of 22 people costing $1,256,500.00 per yr.”

Another says this about Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, “With Kagan’s looks, maybe the gov’t should regulate what we can see.”

Kach also talks religion, tweeting, “A bit of paranoia is a good thing when dealing with the Muslims.”

“The public remarks that he made aren’t really consistent with education values. We teach our students to be respectful to use social media responsibly,” Sample says.

Sample and other parents have written to the district calling for Kach’s resignation. The letters accuse him of racism, sexism and homophobia. Kach says those accusations are based in political correctness.

He admits some tweets crossed the line. “They were tasteless absolutely, but do they approach the status of making me a racist or a homophobe? Come on,” he argued.

Kach says most of the tweets were written in the months prior to him joining the school board. He says he’s proud of his work on the board and will not resign

Comments (32)
  1. Thomas Hood says:

    Cow Hampshire. Alabama with snow.

  2. tom says:

    to ruth sample, get over it, the truth hurts you

    1. quit the hate says:

      Tom – OK then.You are a close-minded bigot. Does it hurt? The problem is you seem to think OPINION is FACT. What has happened to respect and honor in this country? You don’t have to like a person but calling them names is just mean and hateful. Didn’t your parents teach you manners? Thank God I teach my children that you don’t have to agree with people, but you shouldn’t be nasty about it.

      1. rjm2238 says:

        Get off your high horse. You are probably the first one to watch Bill Maher on HBO but that’s OK. He only hates conservatives, as you no doubt do.
        That’s it with folks like you, you have no valid argument so right away shoot for censorship. Get a sense of humor and trying to be a victim, it ain’t working.
        Remember the song, teach your children well.
        Rich in New Mexico.

      2. Terilyne says:

        You are never going to change the minds of biggots and mysoginists…sadly. But I agree with you…for my part I just don’t respond to these hateful, ignorant people…helps keep peaceful balance.

  3. harold says:

    I don’t think there is a law against offending people. Basicaly unless it is threat being offending is not a crime. No matter what you say/do someone will be offended over it. If you are someone who gets offended then that is your problem it is called freedom of speech. I’d rather be offended knowing I can say what I want and feel than not be offended and not be able to say anything.

  4. barbara451 says:

    and all the little children will be influenced by this bigot. Great. I hope they all stay in Cow Hampshire, Alabama with snow (thanks Thomas0

  5. Dorothy Davis says:

    Kach, evidently doesn’t own a mirror….bbrrrr!

  6. liz1388 says:

    @Dorothy LOL, sad thing is, Mr. kach probably thinks, like a lot of men that he is really hot.
    And if any male readers think that’s a sexist comment about men, get over it. Studies show women typically think they are unattractive, while men think they are Adonis.

    Yes, Kach is free to express his opinions, I only hope the voters of his district exercise their freedom by not electing him again. He is not an example I’d want in front of my children and is an embarrassment to the NH educational system.

    1. tom says:

      Hi Liz,
      you are 100% correct, and this is coming from a middle aged white male (married 17 years now) and my wife love me, warts and all. However, i am one of the few exceptions in that i know i am not adonis, far from it, but then being the househusband that i am, my wife is happy with that (okay you macho guys, get it off your chest with the henpecked and p**whipped jokes, bring it on, i’ve heard it all!! LOL) but getting back to the moron in the article, you are right, hopefully the voters will take care of his seat at the next election. We do indeed have the right to offend and make stupid racist, sexist and bigoted jokes, and frankly, you and i would fight for said moron’s right to say those asinine things, because it guarantees us the right to make more cogent arguments and statements that hopefully will not be suppressed!

  7. NinaK says:

    Wow, look at that photograph of Mr. Kach!!! I agree, he must not own a mirror, or, he knows how “handsome” and “muscular” he is (in mind only) and doesn’t feel a need to take a peek in the mirror. Maybe he should take a look at himself in a mirror and realize HE has NO room to be critical of others, and especially women!!! What a lowlife, he has no place on the school board!!

  8. Jay Crandall says:

    I’m going to be a bit of a troll to those who think that he has the “right ” to spout off:
    30 years ago, someone WOULD have punched him in the mouth, and most likely would NOT have been arrested for it. Back then the act of punching him out for using his right of free speech, would have been considered “justifiable” and no major notice would have been taken. The times they are a changing folks- Grow with them or die on the vine. It’s your choice! (It appears he has made his…)

  9. MattGMD says:

    Kach does have a “right” to his jokes, be they racist, sexist or just simply not funny. And no one is saying he can’t make such comments publicly. However, since the board sets policies and rules to which the students must adhere, and if any of the rules allow for a student to be disciplined for comments posted online, then the same should apply to Kach. If a student posted something directly on his Twitter that was derogatory of a certain teacher, then in many school districts that student could be punished by the school, regardless if the student posted from his home or posted from schoo.

  10. JRutter23 says:

    Ok folks…bottom line is this…were his comments offensive? Yes…should he TWEET a little more responsibly? Yes. But the fact of the matter is that TWITTER is a PRIVATE social media site. In order to see his comments, you must first FOLLOW him. By doing so, you take into account this man’s sense of humor. I know I don’t follow anyone I don’t share common ground with. For someone to be following him LOOKING for a reason to catch him in this type of situation is just pathetic. Grow up folks. He is entitled to think what he feels. Sites like Twitter are NOT like Facebook. It is as if you were listening to a PRIVATE CONVERSATION…quit being a bunch of whiny a$$e$…you are part of the reason this country is going to hell in a hand basket…I call it the Pu$$ification of American…

    1. Kyle Henri Andrei says:

      JRutter, I think you have your ideas of Twitter and Facebook totally reversed. Tweeting something is comparable to shouting it from the top of a building. You have very little control over who sees it, and who re-tweets it to their followers. You can look up his Twitter profile, and see his tweets without following him. The fact that he made his comments online indicate that he didn’t care who saw them – it was entirely a public display.

  11. Chris Loveless says:

    Perhaps, instead of focusing on Mr. Kach’s personal looks, or mocking New Hampshire as “Cow Hampshire,” our friendly leftist commentators here could focus on the substance of the messages? While I see little humor in them, I do see plenty of truth in what he is saying, and personal attacks against the man will not change that.

  12. lgbennett says:

    Hmmm…he’s a conservative I take it? Has anyone heard what Bill Mahr has said about Palin and Bachman?? Now THAT’s offensive, sexist and plain vile. It seems that only liberals have the right to criticize.

    1. tom says:

      i find that as a slightly “left of center” (on most issues, right on others) that you are correct. i am apalled at how leftwing commentators (nee Bill Mahr, Rchel maddow et al) get, for the mlost part, a pass when they make personal attacks on people they consider beneath them. If they simply stuck to the substance and stayed away from the personal attacks i would respect them; Keith Olbermann’s recent and justified dismissal from MSNBC was one of the rare occasions and he had to step way over the line. If we disagree with our leaders’ policies and pointing out the occasional gaffes (and my President has made some collossal ones) w sans the personal attacks, i think we might not be so polarized. My God, i came of age during the Carter/Reagan era and don’t recall the extreme personal attacks on either President during that 12 year period, and frankly Carter and Reagan were pretty far apart philosophically;

    2. Graham says:

      You seem to be forgetting that he is an ELECTED OFFICIAL, figurheading a school with a code of ethics to accept everyone. If a kid said to a gay kid in the halllways of oyster river, “if gay marriage is okay, why not marry a flock of sheep” You can be damn sure there would be consequences, if prejudice, bigotry and hate are not tolerated from our 5-18 year olds, why is it tolerated from a school board member?

  13. Peter Macdonald says:

    Jim Kach Response
    A woman does not like what someone she probably did not want on the school board in the first place writes. The USA is made up of people with different views and the law tells us they are free to express their own views. Mr. Kach should not resign as much as he should stay on the Oyster River School Board to set an example for our children to learn the meaning of our Constitution. I do not know Mr. Kach. I have heard many people tell me about this man being thought full to others and helping make the USA understand how everyone should get involved in making her better. The newspaper supports one lady in her efforts to disgrace this man so any coverage is slanted truth to favor her. To grab a niche and make a controversy to increase news media profits with biased slanted truths in the paper diminishes the freedom guaranteed in our Constitution. The news media cherishes the protection the Constitution provides them but limits or eliminates the people’s rights for news media self gains. Ms. Sample has a right to express her views but not make what others say reinterpreted to her own views to inflame the public to harm the other person’s character.
    Newspapers censoring the opinion of the people on government wrongs have become the norm to what the editors call good journalism. People that know me love me for what I am. Others that get their information from the newspapers and readers that the editors support are scared of me. I volunteer everyday to help people have a better life. Even though NH put me in jail as a terrorist, taking my freedom for six months before the bogus charges were dropped I have not violated the law or been violent to anyone. NH and the VA to stop my opinion letters have stopped this 100% disabled US Marine’s medical care for combat related disabilities. Volunteering to help a Madbury NH family is what caused this. Judge Peter Fauver criminally violated the Constitution to enable the Madbury NH selectmen to steal land from local residents for self-gain. The NH Supreme Court is so biased they refused to hear a case where a brother judge is clearly guilty by the evidences produced in the eyes of any reasonable person. The newspapers enable people like Ms Sample to harm my character by using my medical conditions to inflame and scare the public just as they will censor this view of Mr. Kach.
    For the good of the children and future generation I pray Mr. Kach continues and sets an example to the Newspapers and public just why we have a Constitution. The newspapers censor my letters of government wrongs not for libel reasons (for my letters go to thousands of people across the USA every day on the web) but for their norm of biased news. The newspapers censoring this response letter will be a prime example of who is diminishing our Constitution. We must learn from others that we disagree with without violence or biased news harming someone’s character. Do it for the good of our children to make the United States of America better.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

  14. Nightquestor says:

    The fact is whether you care for his comments or not, he has as much right to make them, as other have a right to make comments regarding Palin, Bush, and anyone who disagrees with Obama calling them an inbred racist. The fact is this is America, the man is entitled to his opinion, and even entitled to voice his opinion. That is unless he commits legal slander or libel

    1. Michelle Obama says:

      What you’re not recognizing is that his position carries responsibility to act in a respectful and dignified manner, and that goes for personal behavior when not on the clock. His comments are clearly bringing disfavor to the Board and casts the people of New Hampshire as intolerant racists. Is that the example you’re wanting your children to follow? If so, God help us.

      1. Nightquestor says:

        No the example I want my children to follow, is that of tolerance, that even means tolerance toward those who others may view as intolerant. I would want them to be true to the foundations of this country, one of which is the freedom of speech without fear of recrimination. The problem with political correctness, is that it is intolerant of Free Speech, we are becoming a society where people are afraid to speak out for fear tat the PC police will fall down on them. He position should in no more way hold him to a higher standard then it does Obama, Clinton, or anyone else.

  15. DFWD says:

    Who cares! – he posted on his “own” time. Its a free country!

  16. Todd says:

    What a racist creep !

  17. passing observer says:

    Queen Obooty — I love it.
    Kind of like Mr Kagan and the Supremes, and The Troll who governs the Mexican border. Keep up the good work. I love the humor.

  18. Michelle Obama says:

    This clown needs to go. We should expect our School Board reps to lead by example and given that his tweets shows that he clearly is a bigot, there is no room on the Board for people such as him.

  19. Sweet Home Alabama says:

    Bigots are everywhere…. Those of you who are down on Alabama are just as bad as the idiot you’re talking about. Contrary to popular belief, racism is not encouraged or tolerated here. Walk away from your TV, quit listening to the talking heads and see things for yourself before casting judgment.

  20. boocat says:

    Has this guy looked in the mirror lately? He has hardly cornered the market on good looks. And he behaves like an adolescent brat. I say consider the source and move on.

  21. frank says:

    I love stuff like this. I love reading about people, especially elected officials, who are stupid enough to do it, and I love reading about people like the lady that took the time to read his whole twitter account.

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