ABINGTON (CBS) – Police are looking for some vandals who stole metal rods from a veterans’ cemetery, most likely for cash.

The thieves took at least 18 markers made of copper, bronze and brass from the graves of war heroes at Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Cemetery superintendent John Burnett said the staff that holds the marker together with the American flag is what the grave robbers are looking to fence, not the medallions that come with them.

“What they do, they leave the medallion on the ground because they can’t turn them in because scrap metal people won’t take them because it’s a veteran marker,” Burnett said.

“It just bothers the hell out of me and all the veterans,” the town’s Director of Veteran Services Joe Colantoni told WBZ-TV.

“These guys left the town of Abington, went to fight for this country, get killed, get their remains home, this is their last remaining place and to have somebody come to do what they did is wrong, wrong, wrong.”

WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud reports

Elaine Harte’s husband was a Korean War vet. The thieves passed on taking his marker.

“He didn’t have this particular type, he had a plastic one, so that wasn’t bothered. But it bothered me that the rest were done. I can’t understand why anyone would do something like this,” she said.

Police say there has been a surge in the thefts of metal, especially copper, in the past few years.

Most of the time, it’s people desperate to get money to buy drugs.

Investigators are contacting local scrap metal dealers to see if the thieves have tried to sell the rods.

Comments (97)
  1. Stephen Rost says:

    “These guys left the town of Abington, went to fight for this country, get killed, get their remains home, this is their last remaining place and to have somebody come to do what they did is wrong, wrong, wrong.”


    Stealing is a Crime
    Killiing is a Crime

    The Declaration of Independence was not written for Criminals that Steal and Kill.

    This is something the Master of the Ungodly has not show to you ?

    1. jesse marcel says:

      My wife’s grave was vandalized for a bronze flower container. I pray that God forgives them.

      1. jesse marcel says:

        I meant to add that I discovered the theft after returning home from a 13 month combat tour in Iraq. My weapon may not have been as forgivable.

  2. Joan Hogan says:

    This Makes me very saddened to read about. My Message to those Involved
    In this act of Stealing Is You are Despicable and I hope your conscience starts
    to and for Everlasting ” Haunts ” You.

  3. Louise Rotti says:

    This happened in my town at my Cemetary over THE MEMORIAL DAY weekend not only were the markers stolen, but about 25 floral arrangements, the arrangements were being sold on the person’s lawn that stole the flowers and markets and flags also…He was caught but no jail time because they didn’t catch him stealing them. GO FIGURE…very very sad…to me this guy and the ones that stole the markets in MT. VERNON CEMETARY, are nothing but low-life indiots…and should be proscutated to the full extent…..

    1. solo_poke says:

      Unlike the wallstreet idiots who deserve bonuses for causing the desperation.

      1. Steven says:

        Learn to spell.

      2. Solo poke neighbor says:

        Right on solo poke-tell it like it is girl-its the rich white man time to pay up-and copper just the down payment-i agree with you-lets dig up the bones, maybe some gold teefuses down there-what the melt value of coffins girl?

      3. Stephen Rost says:

        They need an edit button

      4. JDH says:

        the idiots that caused the “desperation” were the politicans that passed the laws that enabled them…it was a democratic congess that were the idiots!!!
        (if you believe your version,that puts you in the category of “desperation”)

      5. walljasper says:

        You are a self-serving moron. Good try at hijacking the thread. Now go away Mister Troll – or go hit the bong a few more times and sleep it off in your mother’s basement.

  4. jaygee says:

    Prosecution is too good for them, they should be taken to the local VFW and locked in a room with a few of the boys. I doubt after 10 minutes he would be taking anything from anybody anymore.

    1. JDH says:

      That’s called “JUSTICE”!!!

  5. Retired womanizer says:

    We have way too many dead weight criminals living off the fat of the land. Our ancestors would have culled the population occasionally of parasites like this, or worked them to death in a farm labor camp. Crazy people they say, repeat the same mistakes….which is what we do with criminals. The answer is they need to fear us more than we fear them.

    1. solo_poke says:

      Does that mean you are ready to go to wallstreet and make your point, or do you only act tough against the weak and desperate criminals.

      You are angry at the sympton but you ignore the cause.

      1. Gene Hardin says:

        You ignore intelligence.

      2. walljasper says:

        Ignore solo-poke – he’s wandering these threads and trolling happily. Just ignore him. Shun him, say nothing and let him shrivel up.

      3. Carl says:

        Solo Poke, as a combat wounded veteran, if I had seen this happening these parasites would have never left the cemetery. I don’t give a !@#$ how YOU try to justify it. I have know doubt you vote Democratic (if you vote at all) because your rationalization makes NO sense.

  6. August says:

    The solution is VERY VERY SIMPLE….DECRIMINALIZE ALL DRUGS & let the recreational users buy their $10 bag of drugs at the Pharmacy, just like the millions of RECREATIONAL drug users do WITH LEGAL PRESCRIPTIONS.!

  7. Bob says:

    God Bless the fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airrmen, Marines,and Coast Guard. Even from their graves they continue to give.

  8. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

    The answer is very simple: severely punish those guilty of crimes. Twenty years of HARD LABOR, that’s right, physical abuse day in, day out. We;ll see how many of these hero’s line up for that once the word got around. They now enjoy 3 squares, air conditioning, cable TV and a nice gym to work out or play hoops when they want.

    This country is in trouble because of you Nancy’s on the Left. Legalize drugs? Your solutions are as transparent and weak as your choice for President.

    1. solo_poke says:

      What about the criminals who caused this mess who get million dollar bonus checks, how much time should they serve?

      Did the right not vote in Bush who caused this mess? Being ignorant and pointing fingers at others does not make you more patrioticm it does expose your ignorance though.

      1. Ron says:

        You, solo_poke, are a compleat idiot!

      2. JLFLiberty says:

        Amen, Another one trick pony.

    2. JDH says:

      Personally I prefer “DRAW & QUARTER”….a lot of crimes would “Drop Significantly”!!!

    3. John McCombs says:

      Legalization might be the answer. A 225lbs criminal is easier to “put down” if he’s impaired. It’s time for the citizenry to begin chlorinating the American gene pool.

    4. Mark says:

      Actually, I think 20 years in a combat arms unit is a better punishment. My Correction Officer friends (Federal, State, and Local) all tell me that “Hard Labor”, is not what it use to be.

      If you put them in the military, their “rights” go away because it is a constitutionally condoned dictatorship, as it needs to be, and is the only one in our nation.

      This way, these criminals then understand how aggrevating it is, as a veteran, to see the graves of my brother/sister-in-arms desecrated by these f*cking bums who would rather steal from the dead who secured their freedom to become bums in the first place. It’s all ironic if you really think about it.

      Please don’t turn this into some political platform either. My guess is there are Democrats and Republicans buried in there that were affected by this.

      How did it come to this?

      1. rook says:

        For these Fox news guys, everything is political unfortunately. I actually play a game when bored to find the most unpolitical news story, and see how many comments before they blame obama, or socialists, or liberals, or any of their other buzz words. Its sad really because its clear that they have no desire to improve the country or participate in anything helpful. They’re essentially the same as sports fans, except with their political team… the obvious difference is that this stuff actually matters. Spot on about both democrats and republicans being burried there and effected by this. Unfortunately these people have been led to believe that democrats and liberals hate this country, which I know is exactly the opposite of the truth, but because of that, they can’t fathom that there are liberal democrat war heros who faught more for this country than many of them will ever hope to.

        What you said about the irony is what is so frustrating about this though without a doubt. It just makes you want to strangle these criminals.

  9. The Brown Clown says:

    You could catch these types pretty quick. Just park a plumbing van with shiny 20′ copper pipes on the rack visible from a busy street, or in a Walmart parking lot. Then you wait for your prey – 2 hours tops.

    1. Boom says:

      And load one of the pipes with dynamite and a detonator.

    2. solo_poke says:

      You would catch the odd desperate criminal, but you could drive the same van to wallstreet and fill it with criminals without the need for copper pipe.

      Ignorance must be bliss for you.

      1. Cinque says:

        Why do you keep reverting to Wall Street and then calling thieves & robbers “desperate”. Solo, I think you are a few fries short of a happy meal!!!!!!

      2. walljasper says:

        Go away Mister Troll.

        Ignore him folks.

    3. stan_in_usa says:

      Better yet, leave the copper pipes in a cemetary. And when the thieves arrive, send out the German Shepherds and Rotts.

  10. xzagi says:

    Kill the druggies. Including pot smokers.

    1. Darrel says:

      Amen. The pot smokers are soaked in the blood of Mexicans from the drug wars – unless they grow their own at home and never buy imported weed.

  11. gunnery_76 says:

    People are getting desperate and it may get a lot worse! Don’t be caught with your pants down and start getting prepared now for a financial collapse.

    My favorite site is GetPreparedGuide dot com and it helps a lot to get you prepared for emergencies.

    1. Darrel says:

      My favorite is a 9mm concealed carry with hot corbon hollow points, and a 12 gauge shotgun for home.

      1. 42 years today...IN MEMORY OF MARY JO says:

      2. solo_poke says:

        It is spelled carbon, by the way brass is the proper material, but ignorance is how natural selection gets rid of dummies.

      3. Darkhorserunning says:

        You are slow solo poke. Corbon is the name of the company. They happen to manufacture ammunition here is their Web. site http://www.corbon.com/

  12. Darrel says:

    Sniper rifle, meet metal thief. Bullet to the head, end of problem.

    1. solo_poke says:

      Nothing for wallstreet theives who cause homelesness amongs veterans? Can you say brain washed sheeple?

      Perhaps if we deal with the cause of the desperation, we can prevent thefts by not having poor desperate people being preyed on by the wealthy.

      1. TimMD says:

        Mr Know It All (Condescencing LIberal)
        FYI………….one of the previous posters knew what he was talking about.
        He didn’t mean “carbon”, but “Corbon”……….a BRAND of ammo.
        However, with you being a pencil necked geek, I wouldn’t expect you to know this!

      2. giacomo says:

        Thanks, Uncle Joe. Now crawl back to the Teachers Lounge with your other comrades.

      3. Ernaldo T says:

        Too funny. You aren’t faking that stupid, are you?

      4. Sean in AZ says:

        You do understand that “wallstreet” is actually two words, right Solo Poke? It’s Wall Street. Damn your dumb.

    2. WilliamPenn says:

      There should be snipers in every military cemetary for just that purpose. Wouldn’t have any trouble recruiting them.

  13. Lyn says:

    Jaygee…my thoughts exactly…honorable men and women who served this Nation and some lowlife pos steals from their grave..unbelieveable! they should do as you suggested adding only to break of their stealing fingers and stick them where the sun does not shine….

    1. solo_poke says:

      Some more honorable then others I am sure, and many served their corporate masters not the United States. Get real and try to understand the cause before you flip your lid and spew your goo.

      1. Gene Hardin says:

        All more honorable than you. You serve your ideological masters not the United States. Get real and try to understand the cause before you flip your lid and spew your goo.

      2. walljasper says:


        Ignore him folks.

  14. Kent West says:

    Metal theft is primarily an illegal alien activity – so think of this as a result of our open borders and refusal to enforce immigration laws.

    1. Chris Smith says:

      Maybe in your neck of the woods but in my area this looks like the work of Meth junkies.

      1. KimskyCleansky says:

        Either one…they’re just as bad. It’s probably a little of both but my gut feeling is that illegals have the greater “audacity” (now there’s a word for you) to do this sort of thing. They don’t respect us at all and they feel we are all whimps. They wouldn’t DARE try this in their own country because they know they would be summarily executed – on the spot. Bleeding heart liberals don’t see this…and that’s our problem.

  15. LTCB says:

    HANG ‘EM HIGH!!! Desecration of a veteran’s grave is worse than I can find words for. Put me on the jury, please.

    1. solo_poke says:

      Stupid people are not allowed on juries, sorry for your luck.

      1. Ernaldo T says:

        ONLY stupid people are allowed on juries. (See OJ Simpson)

      2. Proud American says:

        Were’nt you on the Casey Anthony jury solo_puke?

  16. zone says:

    They should be skinned alive.

  17. Way to go America says:

    Get used to this. It’s what people from third world countries do and they think we are stupid for leaving the cementary unguarded like that. Soon we will all have bars on our windows. We need to control the illlegals, they are destroying our way of life.

  18. Atlatlan the great says:

    The only thing these druggies honor is their next fix. And you want to LEGALIZE their behavior???? Good luck America. You are going by the way of the Mayans – extinction. You have already crossed the line by electing Mr. liberal.

  19. Shannon says:

    How is that Obama economy working for you? Had enough Hope & Change? Metal theift is growing nationwide. Now the left will keep up the Blame Bush act……Give it up! People are not buying it anymore – Obama took a mess and made it 10x worse.

  20. ain't no senators son says:

    I second that, solo_poke you’re an idiot. Jeeezus.

    And it is Corbon, you moron!!


  21. Clay says:

    I hope the Townspeople find the perpatrators, and then I hope the Judge sentences them to a tour or two in Afghanistan or Somalia without any weapons so that the terrorists can take care of them properly.

  22. Freesolopukenow says:

    Hi. My name is solo_poke. I did too many drugs when I was young, so now I can only sit around and write nasty email comments blaming other people’s criminal behavior on evil Wall Street. Please forgive my envy and jealousy of those who actually earn a living. I also like criticizing other people’s spelling errors because then I feel superior, even though my superior intelligence hasn’t led me to any job better than flipping burgers. It’s all because of evil Wall Street, you see…

    1. WilliamPenn says:

      Obama’s citizen army is so easy to spot, isnt it?

  23. jltules says:

    Sad that this is the world we now live in. This is the hope and change everyone wanted. I guess we should all just get used to it.

    1. Cncrnd Cnck says:

      Don’t accept it…do something about, write to your representatives (if you don’t know who that is look it up), start banding together on social media to organize ways to protest this oppression…fight for the republic you have (that’s right republic not democracy, there is a difference), the founding fathers were counting on the future generations (including all of yours) to inherit and defend the principles that this article and subsequent comments (the rest of the socio-econimic politics too) demonstrate are being challenged. Fight as the veterans whose grave sites were vandalized would.

  24. Joan Hogan says:

    I Think Federal Legislation Needs to Enacted To Stipulate Stealing from A Military Grave Is a federal offense . I Also believe Security cameras should be Installed
    To Catch the Demented Perpretators. The Men And Women Who Served Our Country Deserve to be respected and to rest In peace.

  25. Shrebbard says:

    Don’t expect things to get any better. The godly shine brighter and the bad become more evil as the time nears.

  26. Andy VanMiddlesworth says:

    These dirt-bags have no respect for the living let alone are dead soldiers.Whomever buy these stolen ideas are just as guilty and should be prosecuted .

  27. Thetruth says:

    I’m an immigrant and naturalized citizen. I came here LEGALLY. I served in the US Army and am proud of my country. This desecration activity is perpetrated by low life illegals that YOU liberals allow into the country. Wake up America. These people are CONVINCED we are softies and stupid, because you know what? that’s what liberals in America have become, absolute whimps!

  28. Stephen Rost says:

    All you can do is keep on giving – that will solve the problem —

    Anyone up for such an idea?

  29. jens says:

    well we know for sure now it’s a bunch of obamanite liberals – republicans would not do that to our veterans much less any graveyard

  30. fs says:

    They gave their lives for greater israel

  31. Vethov says:

    Somewhere along the line is where vigilantism starts.

  32. Joe G says:

    they should be hanged in the cemetery when caught.

  33. Jon says:

    If I were a cop there. I would “Squeeze” the local dope dealers and I would find the culprits almost immediately. It’s just that simple. You cause “Pain” to the people who know who they are and they will spit them up. And “Oh By The Way” I don’t care if it offends anyone.

  34. beth says:

    whether you are for or against the wars etc. – these soldiers joined the military of their own free will because they love this country and it’s freedom. they were all courageous, and deserve the respect of all Americans. Every year I go to the local military cemetery and place a flower on each grave. Reason being, they all deserve our respect and love for the sacrifice that they have made for our country (here or abroad). So whether you agree with our president, government etc., don’t disrespect the love and courage these people have shown in their duties they have had to do. Remember that these soldiers are people’s loved ones (brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers etc.).

  35. Atom Guess says:

    Only low-rent people steal from the dead

  36. DigitalBob says:

    Just give them the heroin already and let them die without the middle step of taking my stuff first..

  37. stan_in_usa says:

    In part, we can thank Obama. With his failed policies and record unemployment and tax hikes, this is the result.

  38. Tom says:

    Kill These Mf’ers On The Spot.

  39. JeddMcHead says:

    The rods should have been electrified. There’s a special place in hell for the vermin who did this. I hope they OD on the crack they bought with this theft.

  40. wes says:

    the people that normally do this type of theft are homeless people. all they care about this the next fix or bottle.

  41. Mark Mathews says:

    Track them down; kill them by firing squad of volunteer veterans. i will bring my OWN rifle and ammo.

  42. Terry Corcoran says:

    If anything would merit a public flogging, this should….

  43. Metal sludge says:

    The common model’s impression associated with how metallic is welded is that you simply just fire-up a new setback flashlight as well as run the idea down the fringe of metallic seam to weld the idea jointly. Or they …best metal detectors online

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