By all accounts the NFL lockout is close to being over, but there is still the player lawsuit Brady v. The NFL with 10 named plaintiffs. This lawsuit must be settled before the lockout can end.

Patriots guard Logan Mankins and Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson have asked to become unrestricted free agents or receive $10 million when the lockout comes to an end.

Gresh & Zo discuss Mankins’ request, and ask if the Patriots guard is being greedy or if this part of the bigger picture?

“The National Football League knows the one lawsuit they would get killed on in any court, anywhere would be the lawsuit that those individual players, and Tom Brady is also one of them, brought against the National Football League. You go six or seven years in the National Football League and you can’t hit unrestricted free agency there isn’t an employment court, a federal court, a court in America that would rule for the National Football League,” said Gresh.

The NFL and NFLPA want a global settlement to the lockout. When you look at the lawsuits who does this type of settlement ultimately benefit?


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