The Fresh Grocer: Long-Stemmed Artichokes

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Long stem artichoke (courtesy: CBS)

Long stem artichoke (courtesy: CBS)

BOSTON (CBS) – While many chefs may find the long-stemmed artichoke intimidating, Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo has some tips for making the most of this seemingly impenetrable vegetable.

Primarily found in specialty markets, long-stemmed artichokes are worth a try if you come across them.  Most people are only familiar with the hearts, but the sweet, nutty flavor of the stem is incredible.

Cut the stem off, and use a knife to shave off the top layer.  Then cut the stem into little pieces and use in a stir-fry or salad.  The artichoke itself is best boiled or grilled.

The Fresh Grocer, Tony Tantillo, has more:

When selecting artichokes in the market, make sure the leaves are close together.  The stem should be a little bit tender and free of any browning.

Store your artichokes in the fridge, but enjoy them within two or three days so they stay fresh.

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