PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A Marshfield man was released on $10,000 bail Monday in connection with a weekend boating accident, while authorities scaled back the search for his missing friend.

23-year-old Zac Woods fell into the water Saturday night after the boat he was riding in hit a jetty off Brant Rock. He hasn’t been seen since.

Woods’s friend, 22-year-old Justin McDonald, was driving the boat. He also fell overboard, but was rescued by a kayaker.

Authorities say neither man was wearing a life jacket at the time of the crash.

McDonald was arraigned in Plymouth Superior Court Monday morning on drunk driving charges and released on $10,000 bail.

He had no comment for reporters outside court.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports

Inside court, prosecutor Douglas Humphrey said McDonald admitted drinking ten beers in the hours leading up to the accident.

Referencing a report from Marshfield police, Humphrey noted that McDonald, “stated that he was, in his words, ‘a little buzzed, but was pretty good – not drunk.’ The Officer notes also that he seemed to show what the officer characterized as ‘no remorse and very little concern for the missing party.’”

McDonald’s attorney, Gregory Sullivan, called that characterization ludicrous.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

“This is my client’s best friend,” Sullivan said. “The police report says my client was unsteady on his feet. He had been in the water for over a half an hour and was rescued by a kayaker, barely able to breathe.”

The Coast Guard suspended its search for Woods Monday, but local authorities continued a scaled back search.

Comments (11)
  1. Sully says:

    It’s hard to feel forry for people like this when they are out in boats with no life vests on and drunk as skunks. Sorry, I have no sympathy for them. Their families I do, but not for them.

    1. Ellen says:

      I have sympathy for both young men, and their families who now have to deal with this awful tragedy. Come on Sully, youth sometimes feels invincible and let’s face it we all did stupid things when we were young and shall I say clueless.

    2. Andrea Lynn says:

      My cousin’s body is still missing I don’t give a flying f*ck what your opinion is, hope the same thing happens to someone in your fam and some stupid a**hole like yourself leaves a disrespectful comment!

      1. Andrea Lynn says:

        And let me just say thank you for all the sympathetic comments..

  2. Rant Brocker says:

    I truly feel bad for the families and both parties involved… 100% agree with Ellen! Everyone who comments negatively seems to be a saint! Do I think it was ok to be driving the boat after drinking “No”! They were two young men and best friends who unfortunately made a poor decision. The driver will have to live with that the rest of his life! I am certain that he is absolutely digusted with his decision and the disappearance of his friend! I live right where this took place and was watching the search and some guy with his 5-7 year old daughter standing watching the search had the nerve to say “All this for 1 person”!!! He’d have a different view if that was his 5 year old out there! It made me sick!

  3. Linda says:

    I agree with both Ellen and Rant Brocker. My sympathies for both families and this young man, he is probably in shock also, after all this is his best friend. God bless all.

  4. Nikki Sestito says:

    Sully, do really think Justin woke up Saturday morning and said to himself, ” I think I’ll kill some one today? Really, dude? It was an Accident!!! Accidents happpen everyday. Quite a few just as tragic as this. Shame on you. I was more than likely standing next to Rant Brocker just wishing I could dive into the water and help search. We had copters flying right over our houses, yes, looking for just one kid. Someones Child.

  5. Sully says:

    Nikki Sestito,

    NO I do not think that Justin woke up said to himself that he was going to kill someone today. An accident is when someone is boating amnd hits a jetty that they did see when sober. This was pure negligence on Justin’s part. Where were the life jackets? Using their age as an excuse is a copout.

    1. Caleb says:


      You don’t feel bad, huh? Thanks for sharing….riveting insight!

      Keep your comments to yourself if they are negative and ignorant. You have made bad decisions in your life. Lots of them (ignorant comment above, just to name one). Often, there are no reprocussions to the bad decisions we make and sometimes they can shatter or even end lives. To come onto the internet and proclaim how you don’t feel bad for someone who just accidently ended the life of his best friend in a tragic accident says a lot about your character. Good stuff, internet tough guy. You must feel brawny in your convictions…

  6. donny says:

    The use of alcohol makes the decision to go night boating in a rocky area seem like a great idea. It’s all fun, and never a thought or care of what could go wrong… or how to be prepared if it does.

    Sad story…

    All of us who’ve had more to drink at one time or another simply got lucky and these two didn’t.

  7. ellens baby says:

    Far, far too much drinking with all kids today—–everywhere you look they plaster their faces all over facebook and in all there photos–drinking is like the only thing they do with their time. Too bad this happened…it’s what I say each and everytime–maybe they will learn, but kids today just don’t get the message.

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