The Fresh Grocer: All About Arugula

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File of arugula

File of arugula

BOSTON (CBS) – Any time you buy fresh herbs or greens at the supermarket, you run the risk of finding them wilted by the time you’re ready to use them.

But Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo has some storage secrets to share.

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Arugula in particular is one herb that’s sold in many different ways.  You can buy baby leaf or regular arugula sold in plastic bags, but the best way to ensure freshness is to buy a bunch with the roots still attached.

If you store the bunch in the refrigerator, with the roots in water, it will stay nice and crisp and continue to grow in nutritional value.

A member of the mustard family, arugula has a peppery taste that compliments such Mediterranean foods as olives, garlic, tomatoes, peppers and olive oil.

You can watch Tony weekdays at noon on WBZ-TV.

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