WILMINGTON (CBS) – Drug agents seized about 70 marijuana plants Wednesday that were growing on state land, not far from a church.

Someone apparently tipped off police about the drugs.

The pot plants were planted in pots about 500 feet from West Street.

They could not be seen from the street.

Wilmington police and investigators from the Southern Middlesex County Drug Task Force say they conducted surveillance on the area for some time to see if anyone would show up.

They eventually seized the plants along with various growing materials.

Investigators say the nearby church, Grace Chapel, had nothing to do with the drugs.

Right now, they don’t have any suspects.

Comments (4)
  1. steve says:

    Oh no! Some plants were growing! Lets spend some more tax dollars figuring out who planted them! Give me a brake, there has to be something more worthwhile for our tax dollars and police resources to go towards than some pot plants.

  2. Logic says:

    Oh no!! Not marijuana plants! Jeez, BILLIONS of lives were at risk this entire time! Oh my, this is absolutely incredibly dangerous!


  3. Steve says:

    I know marijuana isn’t exactly at the top of the govt’s priority list… but why when most US citizens feel it should be legalized does the govt not listen to it’s citizens. They are here and voted in to work “for” the people and yet they only worry about their own agendas. We waste so much money and resources trying to fight the marijuana war. MOST Americans can see this and see it as a waste. And yet no matter how much we yell, OUR govt turns a deaf ear. There are more important things to worry about and spend our tax dollars on! At a time when every sector of govt, from congress down to town officials are trying to figure out how to save money, I think this seems like a pretty good place to start. How much money did law enforcement waste to conduct this surveillance and confiscation? I’m sure they could have found better ways to spend those tax dollars.

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