BOSTON (CBS) – The NBA is in the midst of a lockout, but Rajon Rondo is still hitting the court.

The Celtics point guard is in the final week of his three-week basketball camp in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a good way for the five-year player to stay in shape during the offseason and give back to the community that helped shape him.

“I just try to come out here and show some of that love back,” said Rondo. “It’s a great feeling to have; I just try to stay humble and give back to those who gave to me.”

Camp Rondo, for kids ages 6-16, helps youngsters understand the fundamentals of the game along with teaching them a good work ethic. Although he is a little inhibited by a healing elbow, Rondo himself suits up to play ball, one of his favorite parts.

“I enjoy the most playing with the kids. The kids have a great time, I enjoy playing with them; I love roughing them up; beating them in competition,” he joked, stating he was the best player on the court. “It’s just a great time and I have a fun time along with them.”

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“It’s all about fun. I try to get to different age groups and play with all different types of kids,” said Rondo. “I love playing on the smaller rims; I can actually dunk.”

Rondo is not yet going 100-percent on the floor, still recovering from dislocating his left elbow he suffered during the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Miami Heat. He is still a few weeks away from starting his normal offseason regimen, but said he will be ready for next season.

Rondo came back to play with the injury during the series, but says he is still feeling a little pain two months after the fact.

“It’s the most pain I’ve ever been in playing ball,” he recalled. “I’m still in a little pain now, but the swelling is down. The only thing is there’s swelling in my joint. I’ll be fine, it just takes time.”

Rondo is following the current labor situation but does not want to get involved in it. He is going to train like there is a season coming, and believes other NBA players will do the same. His focus right now is getting healthy and ready to play.

“The stressful thing for me is just trying to get my elbow healthy,” he said. “Other than that, I’ll continue to do my summer ritual, getting some cardio in, getting up shots.”

If there is no 2011-12 season, some players are looking overseas to lace them up. Deron Williams of the New Jersey Nets, one of the top point guards in the league, has already accepted a contract in Turkey. While playing oversea is something Rondo has considered, again his health is the main thing on his mind.

“It’s something my agent and I have spoken about. A lot of things go into playing overseas, a lot of little things to take care of,” he said. “For me, right now, I’m just focused on getting healthy; getting healthy and getting better for my team next year, the Boston Celtics.”

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  1. janey says:

    rondo, i know that youll be okay nd i know for sure that your elbow is gonna heal before the season.

    luv always,
    a fan in kentucky

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