DEDHAM, Mass. (AP) — Red Cross officials in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have issued an appeal for blood donors of all types to come forward and help offset a national blood shortage.

They say blood donations in May and June were at the lowest level the Red Cross has seen in more than a decade, but demand for blood products remained steady.

The agency says the situation has created a critical need for all blood types, especially type O negative which can be used to treat any patient.

The Red Cross asks eligible blood donors to come forward. It also asks sponsors and community leaders to recruit blood donors across the states.

The agency provides blood to 73 hospitals and must have 650 people give blood each day to meet demand in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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  1. Eric Cunningham says:

    If the Red Cross would remove it’s discriminatory, outdated and scientifically unfounded policy of rejecting blood donations from men who’ve have sexual contact with another man, even once in their life, they might have more supply. Donations are routinely screened for diseases. HIV is not a gay man’s disease. The Red Cross has NO sympathy from me until they behave like it’s the 21st century.

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