PEABODY, Mass. (AP) — The mother of a Peabody boy who suffered severe injuries when he was struck in the head by a baseball during a Little League practice in 2007 has filed suit against the organization, two officers and a coach.

The lawsuit filed Monday in Salem Superior Court accuses Peabody American Little League officials of gross negligence for ignoring the rule that requires players to wear helmets.

The Salem News reports that then 12-year-old Brandon Welch was taking part in a base-running drill in 2007 when he was struck by a ball thrown by another player.

He suffered bleeding and bruising in his brain and still suffers problems, according to the suit.

The suit seeks damages and $25,000 in reimbursement for medical bills.

Little League officials says they cannot comment on pending litigation.

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Comments (14)
  1. roadbowler says:

    FRIVOLOUS!!! She’s a parent, right?? Parents are now responsible for providing helmets to their children because sharing ‘team helmets’ caused head lice. So, if the teams are off the hook form providing them due to health reasons, how can this person sue the team for not providing helmets???

    1. scott says:

      Are you naive or just a complete idiot? The coach is a moron for not having kids wear helmets when running around the bases if they are going to be throwing a ball around. She is not suing because they didn’t have helmets. She’s suing because they coach was negligent and allowed kids to be on the field doing base-running drills without wearing a helmet to protect themselves from being struck in the head by the ball.

      1. Andrea01602 says:

        I’m thinking of suing the national park service for allowing me to bike through the ccrt without a helmet. I fell off my bike and got a boo boo on my forehead. Give me a flipping break. Parents need to step up and tell their brat to put a helmet on his bratty head. Get a flipping clue.

      2. dave says:

        Another parent that thinks its always someone elses fault. No one forced him not to wear a helmet. His mother should have told him to put one on.

    2. brian says:

      Andrea, you friggin idiot, are you serious? The coach is responsible for the kids, and when I say kids, I mean 12 and under. Apparently you are not smart enough to understand the concept of liabilities.

      Also, dave, you are in the same boat here. Whether or not it is justitifed to sue, she has a case. Keyword here people who don’t get it…..”liability”

      1. dave says:

        Youre right brian, I guess every little league coach should be sued. Because lets be honest, he is not the only not the only coach to have his players wear helmets. We all know that if your kid was in the same position, you would have ran out on the field, stopped the practise and put a helmet on your kid. Youre a typical after the fact person.

  2. dave says:

    He should have been paying attention when he was running.

  3. Anthony says:

    Four out of the five people commenting obviously needed a helmet growing up

  4. Stephen Rost says:

    Games are Offensive – leave it all to the battlefield.without the purse of the dead who only seek peace for the powerful.

    Hatred is for they that want to be Hated.

  5. Anthony says:

    Stephen s cuckoo

  6. Yawn says:

    Little League insurance should have cover everything as long as the parents filed out the proper paperwork. Guess Little League insurance doesn’t paid for pain and suffering.

  7. Jep says:

    I am willing to bet a boodle of money we are only hearing a part of the story from both sides.

  8. HooDatIS? says:

    this is a risk that they took when they entered into the stadium why in the hell is somone else liable for this?

  9. petem says:

    I’m with you man…any one of these losers who think this woman is trying to profit from her son’s injury, would run her over trying to get to the lawyer first if it was their little bundle of joy.
    Haters are hateful and earn the hate they get. Try something that might be new to you; it’s called compassion. Lots of it available and it’s FREE!

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