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Curious About Rubber Faces Placed On Telephone Poles

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One viewer was curious why rubber faces have been placed on telephone poles across the state.

One viewer was curious why rubber faces have been placed on telephone poles across the state.

WBZ-TV's David Wade David Wade
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BOSTON (CBS) – Since we’ve been inviting you to tell us what you’re curious about, we’ve received a wide range of questions. Sometimes we know the answer immediately. Sometimes we just have to track down the right person. And then, there are the questions that leave us baffled.

For example, Nancy Declared her Curiosity, asking:

“Who attaches the rubber faces to telephone poles?”

The answer is as mysterious as the question.

Focused on our poles of utility, Nancy Cecchini finds futility. Who is responsible for these rubber faces?

WBZ-TV’s David Wade reports.

“I really don’t know. I imagine things like a utility worker, or some starving artist, who knows!” said Nancy.

Nancy isn’t the only one who has noticed these rubber faces popping up on utility poles in Woburn, Reading, Winchester and Medford.

She may be the only one mystified by them, the only one comparing them to faceless poles.

“(Faceless poles) have no personality whatsoever. They have a nail, some creosote dripping down. This has personality,” said Nancy.

Our investigation, which really consisted of David Wade knocking on one door and getting blown off by a Woburn town official, came up with no answers.

And so the artist responsible remains unknown. Unless you’re thinking Nancy is the prime suspect.

“I’m not though. I’m not talented like that. I’m not imaginative like that,” said Nancy. “I call them… the ‘Picasso of the Poles.'”

She insists it’s not her. Maybe it’s you?

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