DORCHESTER (CBS) – There appears to be a rift of sorts in the Kennedy family over the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s files.

RFK’s son, former Congressman Joe Kennedy says his family is considering moving his father’s papers out of the JFK Library and Museum in Dorchester.

Kennedy told the New York Times he’s upset and believes that the library has not done enough to honor RFK`s legacy.

The point of contention is that there is a remembrance of President Kennedy and one for Senator Edward Kennedy, but there is nothing at the library named for Robert Kennedy.

The Times reports that the library has offered to name a new 30,000-square-foot wing for Robert Kennedy if the family would donate the papers.

Joe Kennedy said in a recent interview that amounts to putting his name on a hallway.

The JFK houses thousands of boxes of files from RFK’s life. Many dealing with Cuba, Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement remain classified. But others are public.

The family is reportedly actively looking to relocate all of RFK’s files, and may even be consider auctioning a few off.  The Times reports those documents are being appraised by Sotheby’s.

Comments (5)
  1. jaygee says:

    I would love to see some of the files relating to Cuba, Vietnam and the beginnings of the civil rights movement only because of the incredible mistakes made by both brothers and the initial disregard of what was going on in the South.

  2. Elisabete Swenson says:

    How sad. It appears to me that it’s all about recognition with them. RFK is recognized for who he was. Yes, John Kennedy was the president and not Robert Kennedy. Ted Kennedy had a completely different legacy due to his many years in the senate. Unfortunately, RFK was killed young and didn’t. The papers should remain at the JFK library with a wing recognizing RFK. It’s sad to see what money and fame does to people and families.

  3. Bozoshoes says:

    This guy was Attorney General.Big Deal. The Kennedy legacy is starting to fade and Little Joe is upset. BOO HOO!

  4. xena says:

    When last I was to the JFK Library, I felt the same way as his son. There was a very small exhibit for RFK. Not at all within the standing of what RFK’s accomplishments were in his short life. The Exhibit showed a few posters from his Senate and Presidential campaign. You had the feeling it was just thrown together. With the resources of that library, there should indeed be a larger section that honors this man in a more thoughtful way then just a few posters.

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