With Felger out of the studio until next week, Massarotti was joined again for Tuesday’s show by Marc “The Beatle” Bertrand. Keeping with the trend set yesterday, Mazz opened the show with a barrage of complaints, most of them relating to last night’s Home Run Derby.

While many fans, including Beatle, were touched by watching Robinson Cano win the HR Derby by blasting long balls off of his father’s pitching, Tony wasn’t so moved by last nights events, and thinks the Derby is continually overblown in the media. And this was just the beginning for Tony, who also voiced his opinions on the length of the Derby, the number of players involved, and the way the event is announced and presented on television.

Once the dust settled on Derby talk, Tony and Marc moved on to other baseball related news, including Red Sox trade rumors, and Derek Jeter’s absence from the All-Star game. After touching on the possibility of the Sox acquiring Matt Garza, Michael Cuddyer and Carlos Beltran, a topic that will be covered in detail later in the show, Tony and Marc expressed their thoughts on Jeter opting not to attend All-Star festivities because of “physical and emotional exhaustion” stemming from his pursuit of 3,000 hits.

With many people questioning whether or not Jeter should have been voted in as a starter in the first place, his choice not to attend has ruffled many feathers within the baseball community. Should he be in Arizona even if he never had any intention of playing in the game? Is the “exhaustion” a legitimate excuse to skip the game, or is this a rare “wrong” move from a player who has been celebrated for always doing the “right” thing? Tune in for Tony and Marc thoughts, or call in now to let us know what you think!


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