LONGMEADOW (CBS) – State Police were looking for six motorcyclists after a dangerous incident Sunday night on a Massachusetts highway.

One of them hit a State Trooper, another struck a State Police cruiser, and several took off at speeds around 130 MPH. Two bikers escaped by speeding the wrong way on the highway.

The incident began when Troopers witnessed 10 motorcycles on Route 91 in Longmeadow committing a traffic violation and attempted to pull over the group.

Two Troopers stopped ahead of the group on each side of the road, attempting to flag them down. One of the bikers started to pull over before accelerating and hitting the Trooper. He then took off into Connecticut.

On the other side of the road, a second Trooper was standing outside his cruiser with traffic stopped when he tried to flag down another motorcycle.

That motorcycle also started to pull over before accelerating down the breakdown lane between stopped traffic, striking the cruiser’s open door.

Neither Trooper was hurt.

Police say the motorcycles hit speeds of 130 mph or more as they escaped into Connecticut.

Two other motorcyclists spun around and took off going the wrong way in the southbound lanes of I-91.

Troopers were able to stop four of the bikes. Police say those riders were from Holyoke. They believe the other riders may have been from the area as well.

Police are looking for help finding those other riders who took off. They say the bikes all appeared to be foreign-made.

One of the motorcycles that took off had Mass. dealer plate DLN 8378A on it, which had been reported stolen.

Comments (6)
  1. sean says:

    Way to give us respectable riders a bad name. Hopefully their friends will rat them out

  2. Cynic says:

    I think motorcycle riders are the worst drivers on the road.

    They are so inconsiderate. They we’ve in and out of traffic on highways. When stuck in traffic on side road, they drive around the line of traffic or along the inside on the shoulder so they do not have to wait in line.

  3. tsal says:

    I have no problems with motorcycle riders but a lot of problems with drives of automobiles when it comes to respecting bikes. I agree with Sean that a few bad riders – and these are as bad as they get – give the far greater number of good drivers a bad name.

    1. buildmeister says:

      I agree. When I see a motorcyclist, it doesn’t put me on alert as a driver. Contrary, I find that people who drive pickups in Massachusetts are by far much worse on average. I always feel uncomfortable when I see a pickup truck driver on the road rather than a motorcyclist.

      1. tsal says:

        good point – When I see a motorcycle I actually tend to be more aware knowing that the driver is unprotected. In winter I find the very worst offenders are those driving anything with four wheel drive. They somehow feel their car can’t possibly slide just because it’s being driven by four wheels.

  4. Frank in Fall River says:

    Individual cyclists are usually OK (except for the 50% of Harley riders wwho put straight pipes on their bikes–truly they are among the biggest jerks on the planet). But when they ride in larger groups they can get pretty obnoxious. Few things worse on the road than a pack of pimple face teenagers on rice rockets who suddenly decide they’re tough guys.

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