Gresh and Mike Flynn were joined by Major League Baseball great and former Red Sox center fielder, Fred Lynn, to discuss the Red Sox. What is Lynn’s evaluation of the Red Sox’ first half?

“Unfortunately, again injuries to the pitching staff is going to set them back a little bit. If these guys Lester and Buchholz, of course Dice-K is gone, but if they can come back healthy in short order I still think they are going to be the team to beat. They just have a lot of offense, they play so well on defense and their pitching when healthy is as good as anybody’s,” Lynn said of the Sox at the break.

What does Lynn think of Jacoby Ellsbury’s turnaround this season and how it was settled in the clubhouse with all the issues last season?

And, what does Lynn think of the “respect card” being played in baseball currently after the Ortiz ordeal on Friday night?

“In our day if they wanted to knock you back it was up and in, it wasn’t just in. Yeah there were consecutive pitches there…They only throw at the good hitters. You’re not going to throw at a guy hitting .200, you might hit him and get him on base. They only knock down good hitters and you have to expect that it is part of the game, at least it used to be. And guys can’t get upset about getting pitched inside,” were Lynn’s thoughts.

That and more with Fred Lynn!


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