BOSTON (CBS) –  The long-deserved statue of Celtics legend Bill Russell will stand in City Hall Plaza, Boston Mayor Tom Menino announced Monday.

“Today we mark another critical milstone in Boston’s tribute to Bill Russell,the greatest sports champion of our time and a tremendous advocate for human rights and education” Menino said.

“Bill Russell has continued to excel off the court in delivering support to our young people throughout mentoring prgrams,” Celtics Managing Partner and President of the Shamrock Foundation Steve Pagliuca said. “The site that Bill Russell and the Bill Russell Legacy Project selected for Bill’s statue is perfect for all of Bostonians to visit and recognize him for all his accomplishments.”

The site of the statue was chosen because of it’s prominent civil location and proximity to Fanuel Hall, the Freedom Trail and many other historic sites. It was approved by both the committee and Russell himself.

The statue is expected to be in place by next June.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Three artists have been selected as finalists to build the statue. Fern Cunningham, Ann Hirsch and Antonio Tobias Mendez will present their ideas to the Bill Russell Legacy Project comittee in the fall and a winning design will be chosen.

The artists have been asked to incorporate Russell’s work in mentoring and the civil rights movement, making it an educational and interactive experience.

“Thousands and thousands of young people travel it every year. They’ll be able to see Bill Russell and the message we have about mentoring, and we hope to impress upon kids and adults. Adults have to help young people and mentor them, and how kids need to make the right choices in life,” said Menino.  

The whole movement to get a Russell statue picked up steam last year, when President Obama called on the city to honor Russell in this way.

It was the same day the president awarded Russell with the Medal of Freedom.

Russell won 11 titles with the Celtics from 1956-1969, including nine straight. He won five MVP’s, although always had a “team-first” mentality.

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  1. Paul says:

    Bill Russell is the most sucessful sports athlete in the WORLD. In Sixteen years, Bill won TWO NCAA Basketball Championships, ONE Olympic Gold Medal, and ELEVEN NBA Championships. (and if not for an injury it would be TWELVE)….A statue would be nice….since Bill already built and scaled the mountain. Thank you Bill, for all of the wonderful memories, championships and your courage.

  2. John says:

    Long overdue. His team always won(okay, not exactly but closer than anyone else in history). He played a T-E-A-M sport and his teams won. That is the ulitmate measuring stick. He is the greatest basketball player of all time. Individual statistics are for losers. There are a lot of guys in the Hall of Fame because number 6 was behind them.

    1. Paul says:

      The Celtics have NEVER had the leading scorer. The only category that they led the league in was…..WINS. I remember reading the sports box in the morning…..the Celtics always had 5-7 players in double figures. It wasn’t because they didn’t have a great scorer….It’s because when you faced them… faced THEM….not HIM. As many players as the Celtics and San Fran had over the years,,,,and there were hundreds…..there was ONE constant…..ONE rock…..ONE standard…..ONE TEAM. I dislike the term “sports hero. Bill Russell is not a “sports hero”. He is a hero, and someone to look up to, not for his championships….but HOW he won….and how he lived and lives his life.

  3. jaygee says:

    Bill was one of the greatest but nobody today can understand what black athletes had to put up with back in the day. I wouldn’t be very surprised if one of the arms on his statue has his right arm raised with the middle finger extended. No……..I’m not joking!

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