MATTAPOISETT (CBS) – A black bear was spotted in Mattapoisett on Sunday.

The bear was seen on Eldorado Drive at around 10:30 a.m.

Police are urging residents to use caution and call 911 if they see the bear. The bears, however, are rarely aggressive.

“Right in the cul de sac was a bear, just sitting there staring at me, and I noticed it had something in its mouth, and that’s what concerned me the most, that there was an animal in its mouth,” said Pat Olivier, who spotted the bear in Mattapoisett.

A black bear was recently spotted in Attleboro.

Comments (4)
  1. Louis Farrakhan says:

    why does the bear have to black?

    1. al4624 says:

      r u kidding me?! umm maybe because it is in fact a black bear. that is what they r called just like a grizzly is a grizzly bear….

  2. Tammy Lord says:

    Maybe if they had a place to live,they wouldn’t wander into the towns and end up getting killed.Does anyone ever ask themselves “WHY” the bears are coming into the towns so much.If people stop cutting down their homes,they wouldn’t come into the towns

  3. Rob says:

    May be is’t just on a “walk-a-bout”. I’m sure after a while it will want some friends and head back to Western MA.

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