LAWRENCE, Mass. (AP) – Lawrence city officials have begun a process to possibly recall Mayor William Lantigua.
Members of the Board of Registrars confirmed Thursday that 153 of the 175 signatures gathered by Its Your Right committee to recall the mayor came from currently registered city voters.
Now, members of It’s Your Right need to get at least 5,232 signatures before Aug. 8 to get a recall question on the ballot. That number represents 15 percent of voters registered in the city at the time of his 2009 election.
The state’s first elected Latino mayor has come under fire for his relationship with Lawrence club owners and allegations of corruption which he has denied.
Lantigua has not commented on the recall.

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Comments (4)
  1. jaygee says:

    “The process to recall him”? How about the process for the Commonwealth of Mass. to incarcerate this liar, thief and phony? This clown and his girlfriend have broken more laws than most average citizens and yet nothing is done. Could the powers at hand be afraid to go after Mr. Lantigua because it could be viewed as anti-hispanic and they need the votes? Talk about a double standard.

  2. Lb says:

    I agree Jaygee, many times these politicians aren’t chanrged with crimes until their tenure is close to over or over. This clown is arrogant enough that he’s probably left enough of a paper trail to convict him of multiple crimes. And if he wants to help foreign countries more than his own community (in which he was electrd) maybe he should leave this country. And no that’s not racist, I would say that about anybody.

  3. blackbear1 says:

    Citizens of Lawrence, please get this job done, pull the trigger, do whatever is necessary, but get this guy out of office and do it quickly!! He is an absolute disgrace and is laughing at the whole situation. He is on a magic carpet ride and should not be!! Do not get distracted by racial questions as he is a criminal in any language. Ignore his enablers as this local, state and federal money that has been unaccounted for thus far. Who knows how far up the political chain this may go. Just Do It.

  4. William Lantigua says:

    But I’m a politician and that’s what we do. We lie, cheat, steal and then deny everything. That’s what makes America the country it is. I love it.

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