BOSTON (AP) – Massachusetts health officials are set to approve what could be some of the toughest school nutrition standards in the country.

The Public Health Council is scheduled to meet Wednesday to consider the changes that would apply to all food sold or provided at school a la carte lines, vending machines, school stores, events, and fundraisers during the school day.

Health officials said the regulations will meet or exceed the strongest standards in the nation, and could improve the eating habits of a million Massachusetts public school students.

The changes were prompted by a 2010 state law designed to encourage the state’s elementary and high schools to offer healthier food choices.

Supporters say they hope the new regulations will help combat the rise of childhood obesity in Massachusetts.

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  1. matt says:

    I disagree with these standards.
    1. i eat alot of food and i am not fat.
    2. there is a comparision i am active i eat alot but i am not fat
    a person that eats like me but does not do anything but video games or watch tv will become fat.
    4 the more standards the more restrictions
    alot of the food they say are healthy are foods nobody even heres about and is probably disgusting.
    what are people going to do get meat off the menu . neutritionious says meat is bad
    thes “standards” are actually tring to restrict what people can eat. I love cookies that are sold at my school i like the pizza i like many of the foods at the high school
    If the high school wants to put something good in how about choices of fruit lik a fruit bar or something butting good food that is healthy will convince people to eat better food

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