The Red Sox have been very unlucky this season when it comes to the health of their players. Clay Buchholz is still having issues with his back, Jon Lester was put on the DL thanks to a strained lat muscle, Daisuke Matsuzaka is out for the rest of the season due to Tommy John surgery and Carl Crawford has missed almost a month with a strained left hamstring.

Will Carroll of Sports Illustrated joined D.A. to talk about all the injuries the Red Sox are dealing with and when we might be able to expect them back.

The guys started off discussing Lester and Buchholz. Who should we be more concerned about of the two?

“I’m a little bit more concerned about Buchholz long-term. Back problems, as a lot of us know any time you start having those problems and you start to age, they can get worse. You got to get in front of it, but that’s the other thing. That’s why I’m not quite as worried as some people are; there’s nothing structurally wrong,” Carroll said.

We haven’t been given a timeline for either of the two. Does that tell us that it’s not all that bad or that it’s worse than they are letting on?

“I think it’s smart that they don’t give out a perfect timeline because you never know,” said Carroll. “The last couple years with the Mets, it always seems that everything the do falls behind. Well that’s not so much the medical staffs problem as it is unrealistic expectations set up by the PR staff.”

They also discussed John Lackey’s performances and the thought that he might be injured as well. There were reports that suspected he would need Tommy John surgery, but he and the Sox were quick to deny them. Still, it seems that there is something wrong with the starter. Does Carroll think that Lackey is dinged up, and if so to what extent?

“With Lackey right now we just don’t have any sign that there’s anything wrong with him. Other than the fact that he’s been terrible,” he said.

They also discussed the Red Sox medical staff and the injury to Carl Crawford. Will his speed be affected? Find out that and more with Will Carroll of Sports Illustrated.

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