Felger and Marc Bertrand continued the day discussing the Red Sox and their 10-4 win over the Orioles last night.

Last night, the Sox hit 3 home runs in a row, and J.D. Drew came up to the plate to try to make it 4 in a row, but walked. Why not take your hacks while you’re up there?

The guys went on to talk about Jacoby Ellsbury. Bertrand pulled out some stats that show that Ellsbury and Adrian Gonzalez level of value is not that far off. Is Ellsbury a Top 10 player this year? How do these stat work for pitchers?

Finally, the guys discussed the tragedy in Texas last night at the Ballpark in Arlington. A fan going for a foul ball, tossed to him by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, fell over the wall and later died. Who is to blame for the accident?


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