BOSTON (CBS) – Buying local isn’t just a foodie trend, it’s the best way to know you’re getting your produce at the absolute peak of freshness.

Our fresh grocer shows you why asparagus is best when it doesn’t have to travel far.

To find the best asparagus, pick very firm spears with tips that are tight, compact, have a medium green color with purple highlights, and a white, woody bottom that is less than 15 percent of the total length.

Watch the Fresh Grocer

If asparagus has tips that are opened, stems that are wrinkled and withered with an odor that indicates deterioration or rotting, then you know it is over-the-hill!

Give the bunch a squeeze, and if it squeaks, you know it’s fresh!

You can catch the Fresh Grocer every weekday on WBZ-TV at noon.


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