With Massarotti out of the studio for the week on vacation, the Felger and Bertrand show continued on Thursday afternoon. After opening the show by outlining some of today’s topics and praising Intern Brad for his detective work in producing the Joe Corvo court documents, Mike and Marc dove head first into the controversial steroid debate.

While many sports fans like to think that the steroid era has come to a close, Mike and Marc aren’t necessarily taking the bait. Although Bertrand does concede that he certainly doesn’t think steroid use is as widespread as it once was, he and Mike agree that steroids have not disappeared from the sports world. With that in mind, just how much should we raise our eyebrows when looking at the performances of players like Albert Pujols and Jose Bautista, or the recent struggles of someone like Tiger Woods?

With the dust still settling on the steroid era as Roger Clemens heads to court for his Federal perjury trial, where do you stand on steroids in sports? Is the steroid era really over as we’d like to believe, or are athletes still pushing the boundaries? And, on a slightly different note, as a fan, do you really want this era to be over, or does it make sports more exciting? Tune in now to find out where Mike and Marc stand, and call in to let us know where you stand!


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