ATTLEBORO (AP) — A third 4-year-old child has drowned this week after falling into a Massachusetts swimming pool.

Police say 4-year-old Matthew Torres of Central Falls, R.I., was unresponsive when pulled from an in-ground pool at a home he was visiting in Attleboro at about 5 p.m. on Wednesday. He was taken to Sturdy Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The death is under investigation but police say it appears to be an accident.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports that learning pool safety starts at a young age:

A 4-year-old Lynnfield girl died after falling in a pool at a home she was visiting Monday for a July Fourth party.

A 4-year-old Groton boy also died Monday after falling into a pool at his home.

Those two drownings are also considered accidents.

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Comments (9)
  1. Steve says:

    Aren’t there laws that require a fence around a pool so this sort of thing doens’t happen? So sorry to the families that have lost their little ones this week, so sad.

  2. concernedamerican says:

    There are laws, But if they are visiting someone that fence is useless. Children that can not swim or swim well should not be allowed near a pool. Especially an in ground pool. And if they intend to go into the pool, a young child should have some kind of floatation on them .. Sad indeed.

  3. PoolOwner says:

    Or maybe there should be adult supervision when they are near or around a pool…What happened to the parents who are suppose to be watching these kids when they are visiting friends houses. Never leave a child unattended in or around a pool whether its above ground or in ground. I have had a pool for ten years and I also have a child who is not alliowed in that pool unless there is an adult with them. The Adulkt has to sit on top of the deck of the pool while the child swims.

  4. Sully says:

    How in the world can the parents allow something like this to happen. My wife and I barely let our daughter out of our sight now, and she’s almost 15.

  5. jaygee says:

    The deaths of three 4 year olds in swimmimg pools cannot be dismissed as coincidence but rather neglect. There is absolutely no excuse for the drownings of these kids other than the fact that were not being supervised.

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