Jon Lester left Tuesday night’s game with a left back strain after pitching four hitless innings but doesn’t think the injury is serious.

D.A. spoke with Scott Lauber from the Boston Herald about Lester’s injury and Clay Buchholz. If Lester misses a couple of starts what happens to the Red Sox rotation?

“You could always slide Alfredo Aceves into the rotation short term, I think that would be a solution it’s a short term thing. If longer term, if he’s going to miss closer to a month they may need to look at some other possibilities including perhaps something like Felix Doubront perhaps Kyle Weiland who’s pitching very well at Pawtucket,” was Lauber’s solution to missing Lester.

Would the Sox end up making a deal at the trade deadline if Lester and Buchholz were going to be out for a considerable amount of time?

“I think that would certainly change the dynamics of things if those two guys were out a significant amount of time. I think Theo would certainly have maybe to pivot a little bit and look more towards starting pitching more than he initially intended.”

“I think they are hoping that within the next couple of days they get a better handle on how long those two guys will be down for and then the can certainly decide where their focus is. I know they don’t want to have to go look for starting pitching at the deadline, they’d rather address other needs,” Lauber said.

Does this begin to put even more pressure on a guy like John Lackey to produce? They also discussed John Lackey’s performances this season and whether he is healthy or not. The guys also discussed Jose Bautista two run homer last night at Fenway and how much skepticism surrounds his home runs?


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